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YouTube on Duke

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by Moderator1, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. Moderator1

    Moderator1 Moderator Staff Member

    I'm sure this is here somewhere and this is a classic DB but my son just showed me this and I'm posting it:

    Mildly NSFW. I wouldn't watch it at work. But not awful.

  2. Sxysprtswrtr

    Sxysprtswrtr Active Member

  3. imjustagirl2

    imjustagirl2 New Member

    And it's been in spup's sig for about a month. (never mind, just went and looked, hers is from a different source...so it's not REALLY DBing hers)

    Screw you, sxy! :D
  4. Moderator1

    Moderator1 Moderator Staff Member

    "This is why *** this is why ***" Worth hearing again.
    Sorry about the DB. Not really.
  5. imjustagirl2

    imjustagirl2 New Member

    Hey Moddy:

    Nats suck.
  6. Moderator1

    Moderator1 Moderator Staff Member

    Yes, I know. They suck very much.
    Their fans, however, don't think they are holier than thou.
    We don't shop at Arrogant Cocksuckers R Us.
    We're just regular folks who follow a shitty team.
  7. slappy4428

    slappy4428 Active Member

    So what is it you're trying to say, exactly?
  8. Moderator1

    Moderator1 Moderator Staff Member

    Really? Nothing. Just having some fun. I got no argument against those Dukes. I just thought the video was funny as hell.
  9. imjustagirl2

    imjustagirl2 New Member

    *sniffle* *sniffle* *tear*
  10. OnTheRiver

    OnTheRiver Active Member

    My favorite Moddy link of all time:


  11. OnTheRiver

    OnTheRiver Active Member

    And anyway ... what are those girls looking for?
  12. zeke12

    zeke12 Guest

    Their dignity.

    I think I can see the one girl's kidneys.
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