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Your Former Teammates or a Good Story?

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by Mayfly, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. Mayfly

    Mayfly Active Member

    Here's a problem I am faced with.

    Recently, two of my former track teammates were arrested and thrown in jail for stealing five bikes worth $5,000 each. I only learned about this yesterday, when it made the local news. At my former school, there were numerous incidents involving athletes and the law (what else is new?).

    My journalistic side wants to write a story about this situation and how it further degrades the once great athletic program. The other side of me wants to just let it go. Thoughts on the situation?
  2. Chi City 81

    Chi City 81 Guest

    You're a professional. Write the story.
  3. Mayfly

    Mayfly Active Member

    True. Any other thoughts just about situations that may involve friends or those that you know?
  4. SoSueMe

    SoSueMe Active Member

    Conflict of interest. The story should be written, but not by you.
  5. Chi City 81

    Chi City 81 Guest

    In certain instances, you should hand the story off to someone else due to potential conflict of interest. But in this case, it sounds like if you don't write it, no one will.
  6. Pops

    Pops Member

    If you would write this story about two strangers, you (or someone) should write it. But ask yourself whether you're debating this story for its merits or just letting it stick in your mind because you know the guys. Don't selectively pull punches.
  7. slappy4428

    slappy4428 Active Member

    The key is "how it further degrades the once great athletic program."
    That says you aren't going to be objective; you have a plan in mind.
    Hand it off to someone else for a news story; if you want to write a column -- hence, opinion piece -- then you can wax nostalgic about the once great program all you want.
  8. kingcreole

    kingcreole Active Member

    Absolutely. See if someone else can do the story.
  9. Mizzougrad96

    Mizzougrad96 Active Member

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