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XBOX 360 or PS III - Help

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by Boom_70, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. Boom_70

    Boom_70 Well-Known Member

    Need advise - want to move into next generation of gaming. Have PS II now.

    Any ideas of which system is better? I've read the xbox's have had repair problems
  2. KYSportsWriter

    KYSportsWriter Well-Known Member

  3. Hank_Scorpio

    Hank_Scorpio Active Member

    The launch 360s have had some problems (as any launch machines will).

    But the newer machines have performed a lot better. They have a new chipset and motherboard, called the Falcon, and the power brick is at 175 watts, instead of 205. Plus, if you do get a machine that goes bad, M$ has extended the warranties to three years.

    I think I'm going to dive into the next gen era as well and I'm going to get a 360.
  4. SportsDude

    SportsDude Active Member

    My brother's older 360 just crapped out.

    I can never get use to the X-Box style controllers, so when I get my shit together, I'm getting a PS3.
  5. accguy

    accguy Member

    I considered this same question a few months ago. I went for the 360 and have enjoyed it. I don't know enough one way or the other to know if it was a good decision or whether I should have spent a bit more case and bought the PS3.

    Clearly that is a pretty wishy-washy answer.
  6. TigerVols

    TigerVols Well-Known Member

    I just ordered the PS3 40 GB (apparently they've stopped making the 80). Wife wanted to see all the extras on the Enchanted DVD. Told her they were only available on Blu-Ray. She said, well get a Blu-Ray. So I did, but it came with a PS3 attached!

    As she pointed out, god bless her, "hey, it's all tax deductible, anyway!"

    Man I love working in the entertainment industry and its daily "non-reimbursed business expenses"!
  7. lisa_simpson

    lisa_simpson Active Member

    Boom, unless you're going to junk all of your current PS2 games and crap and start over completely, I don't see any point in you getting the 360. The price point between the two consoles has narrowed considerably, and as TV mentioned, PS3 has the advantage of built-in Blu-Ray.
  8. Boom_70

    Boom_70 Well-Known Member

    What it may come down to is how bad do I want to play Halo, which you can't do on PS2 or 3. If I go with 360 I will still have my PS2 console.
  9. Wendell Gee

    Wendell Gee Member

    I had a 360. Traded it in last May for a PS3. I've got nothing bad to say about the 360 (I never had a problem with the red lights of death), but I don't regret my decision a bit. I love my PS3. MLB alone makes the PS3 worth it, IMHO.
  10. Boom_70

    Boom_70 Well-Known Member

    what makes PS3 better ? games ? graphics?
  11. StormSurge

    StormSurge Active Member

    That was my thinking. My PS2 works fine. I buy a new system to play new games, not old ones. I also buy game systems to play games, not watch movies. Plus, if I want to watch movies on my 360, I rent them (in HD) from the Xbox Live Marketplace.
  12. Wendell Gee

    Wendell Gee Member

    Graphically, they're pretty similar right now, but I think the PS3 has more potential. A lot of the early games ran smoother on the 360. Madden 08, for example, ran at 60 fps on the 360 and 30 on the PS3. They'll both be at 60 for Madden 09. As programmers learn more about the PS3, I think they'll open it up more. Just MHO though.

    Game wise, MLB The Show is the main reason I went PS3. Best baseball game out. And it's a Sony game. I'll miss Gears of War, Halo and some of the other 360 exclusives, but PS3 has some pretty good exclusives too such as Metal Gear Solid, Gran Turismo and Final Fantasy (though most of them aren't out yet).

    I used my PS2 as my DVD player, so the PS3 is now my Blu-ray player. I don't play online much, but the Playstion Network is just fine for my online needs. And it's free, whereas Xbox Live is $50 a year. Finally, while I never had any trouble with my 360, I know enough people who have had trouble that I was constantly worried about it. I'm pretty much stress free with the PS3.

    They're both great systems. I think it really comes down to which exclusives you want to play more.
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