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Would you buy a "murder house"?

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by Hank_Scorpio, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. Hank_Scorpio

    Hank_Scorpio Active Member


    Linked story is about a husband who killed his wife and the family's subsequent attempts to sell the house (along with how other crime/murder houses have fared on the market).

    But it just got me thinking, would you be able to buy a house if you know a murder had been committed there?
    Would it make a difference if the asking price was below appraised value?
  2. Chi City 81

    Chi City 81 Guest

    Would Cookie Kwan be selling it? Or is it not on the east side?
  3. markvid

    markvid Guest

    Absolutely not.
  4. Perry White

    Perry White Active Member

    If I'm saving money, sure
  5. sportschick

    sportschick Active Member

    Depends. It needs to have happened far enough in the past that whatever presence or feelings that may have been left by the deceased are well-formed and noticeable to my psychic. I don't want a malevolent ghost.
  6. pressmurphy

    pressmurphy Member

    I could handle it psychologically, but I admit I'd have financial reservations. I'd probably want it for at least 20 percent below market value in order to be sure that I can sell it at a fair price down the road.
  7. If I saved money, I'd have no problem with it. I don't believe in ghosts.
  8. Hank_Scorpio

    Hank_Scorpio Active Member

    I found this part interesting as well.

  9. KJIM

    KJIM Well-Known Member

    Yes, with no qualms whatsoever.

    But not everyone feels the same way. Way back, my aunt & uncle's neighbor committed suicide in her home, shooting herself as she sat in a leather chair.

    They took the chair to the dump and someone couldn't believe they were tossing it out. My uncle told them the story and asked if the still wanted it. Absolutely.

    I'd have done the same thing, and had I been able to afford a house like that, absolutely!
  10. Eagleboy

    Eagleboy Guest

    Yeah, my father's a real estate agent and I asked him about it after seeing it on "The Simpsons," I believe ("H-Diddy and his Murder Ho" had to be the one). He said they're not responsible for telling anyone about stuff like this. They don't have to tell the people that someone killed someone, themselves or anyone else, or even things like break-ins and robberies.

    Pretty much, he said it's tough luck if the neighbors tell them after they move in, but it's not his responsibility. Sometimes, they don't even know themselves.
  11. Hank_Scorpio

    Hank_Scorpio Active Member

    Realty Bites is the episode, where Marge becomes a real estate agent. It's on Season 9.
  12. Buck

    Buck Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't have a problem with it, but I'd expect a good price.
    I'd also be concerned about my potential resale value. That would be the only reason I'd pass.
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