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Today in cops gone feral

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by dixiehack, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. Just the facts ma am

    Just the facts ma am Well-Known Member

    I was wrong when I speculated that the cop (Costco) was white, he was Hispanic.

    The officer's name has not been released by the LAPD, but he was identified by several sources as Salvador Sanchez, a Southwest Division patrol officer who has been with the department since May 2012, the Los Angeles Times reported. He suffered minor injuries. According to the LAPD, the officer was placed on administrative duty pending the results of the investigations into the shooting.

    Costco shooting: Cop's lawyer says client was attacked, victims' lawyer wants officer locked up

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  2. melock

    melock Well-Known Member

  3. Neutral Corner

    Neutral Corner Well-Known Member

  4. melock

    melock Well-Known Member

  5. poindexter

    poindexter Well-Known Member

  6. poindexter

    poindexter Well-Known Member

  7. Neutral Corner

    Neutral Corner Well-Known Member

    Remember the white cop with the AR who made the white kid crawl on his knees and beg while the cop basically plays Simon Says with him and then shot him five times because he "feared that he had a gun in his waistband"?

    Fuck this cocksucker with a rusty chainsaw.


    PHOENIX — A Mesa police officer who was fired after shooting an unarmed man was rehired by the city so he could get a special pension.

    Two years after Philip Brailsford fatally shot Daniel Shaver in a hotel hallway, Brailsford signed an agreement with the city that allowed him to be rehired temporarily, a city spokesman told KTAR News 92.3 FM on Thursday.

    The agreement allowed Brailsford to apply for accidental disability pension and medical retirement. He could not perform job duties or collect payment during the period of reemployment, according to the city.

    According to the agreement obtained by ABC15, Brailsford had submitted a claim of post-traumatic stress disorder.

    The agreement also says the city is on the hook for up to $3 million spent on Brailsford’s defense in lawsuits related to the incident.

    The TV station said Brailsford, 28, will receive a monthly check for $2,569.21 each month for the rest of his life unless the board determines he has recovered from PTSD.
  8. melock

    melock Well-Known Member

    This guy has PTSD? Jesus fucking christ.
  9. swingline

    swingline Well-Known Member

    I'm going to join the police force so I can shoot motherfuckers like Brailsford — and get away with it! That's a win-win, right?

    Jesus motherfucking christ. Law enforcement apologists have lost their fucking minds.
  10. melock

    melock Well-Known Member

    Don’t forget the $2,600 check every month for life for “PTSD.”
  11. DanOregon

    DanOregon Well-Known Member

    If you've been following the news you're aware of the state legislator who told the governor to send "bachelors" who were "heavily armed" if she sent state troopers out to collect Republicans staying away from the Capitol to avoid a quorum in order to block a vote.
    Haven't heard a peep from any police union official objecting - even politely - to the remarks. Yet Colin Kaepernick wears pig socks.....
    Obviously there is intense peer pressure to have each other's backs in law enforcement - why they don't use that pressure to keep fellow officers in line is beyond me.
  12. Just the facts ma am

    Just the facts ma am Well-Known Member

    This was an mystery case in SoCal that gained some national news traction. Seemingly normal teenager killed on freeway by cop after traffic accident on the freeway. The police release no information at all on what happened for a week, yet call her a suspect. The family holds press conferences with lawyer, name drop Sharpton, demand officer be suspended and imply the replica gun found was planted. They also say she was a person of color, although she appeared white in photos. The dad was black but we didn't know if she was a stepkid, adopted or simply very light skinned. The only thing I thought was off was an article saying she was planning on taking her driver's test. So why was she driving without a license?

    As it turned out she commited suicide by cop. Not only was there a body cam video released, there is a recording of the dad's 911 call saying the girl took the car without permission and was on medication for depression. He also described her as white. Her appearance may have helped her as she more or less received immediate medical attention from the cops where in other videos you see the black suspect left to bleed out for some time while police fearfully continue to shout commands at them or wait for backup before approaching.

    You have to wonder in a clear cut case like this why the police waited so long to get this info out there. It bugs me that cops never say the police shot the suspect, they always say "an officer involved shooting occurred". In the comments of the story below, the family/lawyer are appropriately taken to task for pushing what they knew was probably a false narrative.

    Fullerton police release video of officer shooting 17-year-old girl – Orange County Register
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