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Threats against the 'legal organ'

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by rico_the_redneck, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. Being the legal organ is big business. When I was in sports, I was sort of oblivious to that fact. But now that I'm in news, I get it.

    Apparently our county commission chairman doesn't appreciate all of the negative stories from the legal organ.He made a comment at a townhall tonight right after I left to get to another meeting that it might make sense for the state legislature to allow governments to post legal notices online rather than through the newspaper in an effort to put us out of business.

    He's also referenced "our legal organ" when trying to shun me at commission meetings rather than calling out the name of our paper in the recent past.

    I think it's unlikely the legislature would jump on this, because it would presumably hurt tons of local newspapers. But I guess there's a day sometime in the not too distant future when legals will all be online.

    Wondering what everyone else thinks. I don't believe we'll change our coverage (fair and balanced!) of the county as a result of this. But it's still aggravating to have this guy in effect threatening my job because I'm reporting facts about the way his government is run.
  2. BrianM

    BrianM Member

    Didn't Anthony Weiner get in trouble for showing his 'legal organ'?
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