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The Virginian-Pilot is seeking a sports layout/copy editor

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by Virginian-Pilot, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. Virginian-Pilot

    Virginian-Pilot New Member

    The Virginian-Pilot, a 200,000-daily serving Southeastern Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina, has an opening for a layout/copy editor for its sports desk. We need someone with strong visual and word skills to join one of the most innovatively designed newspapers in the country. Additionally, the successful candidate must be able to work quickly and accurately under tight deadlines, show strong organizational skills, be able to thrive in a team environment and have an interest in sports from preps to pros. Previous experience is a must.

    Hours: Nights and weekends, 4 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.

    Essential Functions:
    --Design inside sports pages
    --Help manage page flow
    --Edit a wide variety of sports stories, from preps to the pros
    --Write headlines and photo captions
    --Compile briefs packages and roundups
    --Meet established deadlines
    --Safeguard accuracy
    --Work with the rest of the team to improve its performance

    Specialized Role:
    --Act as the lead copy editor on special series and projects, working with reporters, photographers, designers and other editors.

    Minimum Qualifications:
    --Strong layout and design skills
    --Strong mastery of grammar, spelling and copy editing skills; a copy editing test will be required
    --Thorough knowledge of Associated Press style
    --Demonstrated ability to thrive in a team environment
    --Demonstrated ability to work accurately under deadlines in a professional manner
    --Demostrated knowledge of news and sports

    Preferred Qualifications:
    --3-5 years experience as a layout/copy editor
    --Experience on a sports copy desk
    --Interest in or knowledge of sports

    --Bachelors degree from an accredited college or university
    --Three years experience on a copy desk

    --First, submit an online application to www.TheVirginianPilot.com/careers. Click on Quick Job Search and enter job code 855. Do not skip this step; an online application is REQUIRED in order to be considered for job openings at The Virginian-Pilot.

    --Then, send a cover letter and work samples to:
    Joe Garvey, Sports Desk Team Leader
    The Virginian-Pilot
    150 W. Brambleton Ave.
    Norfolk, Va. 23510
    or e-mail joe.garvey@pilotonline.com

    The application deadline is Oct. 23, 2006.
  2. Mystery_Meat

    Mystery_Meat Guest

    I can vouch for this place. Chances of ever working here again are nil, but I can certainly vouch for it. Good people, good product, a design tour de force and all in a great area. You'd be hard pressed to go wrong here.
  3. Jinga_Thomson

    Jinga_Thomson Member

    I'm not sure about what has happened in the past two years, but morale was not good as of summer 2004. Much of it was because of the strict "team" concept that tied reporters to specific editors, and there occasionally was bumping of heads.

    Anybody know if Chic Reibel still works there? He was the sports editor -- or whatever they call it there -- two years ago. He's a good guy and seemed to be willing to relax protocol when possible. Hopefully, things have since loosened.
  4. Mystery_Meat

    Mystery_Meat Guest

    Team concept had been in place for quite some time before 2004, and there haven't been many hires in the 10 years leading into 2004, so I'd be surprised if whatever morale problems popped up there took place because of that. It's not heaven in a broadsheet, but it's still a better place to work than most dailies of its size.

    And Chic, as far as I know, still works there. He ascended to SE from the high school editor spot, so he has a soft spot in his heart for preps, and they get a better ride than other papers in their size bracket accordingly.

    They should have their pick of the litter from a good crop of candidates.
  5. wolverine

    wolverine New Member

    Anyone know how much this gig pays??
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