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The Blanks (aka Ted's band from Scrubs) in concert

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by wisportswriter, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. Because I know there are a lot of Scrubs fans on the board.
    I saw these guys last night at a local D3 college and they were outstanding. A very entertaining evening, and in addition to some of their original stuff - which was very good - they sang just about every song they ever sang during their many appearances on Scrubs. Other than "Hey Ya" (see later), I can't think of one they didn't perform.
    The wife and I, both fans of music and Scrubs, enjoyed it immensely.

    I also managed to score a minor tidbit of insider information. If any of you are like me and loved Sam Lloyd's (Ted's) acoustic cover of "Hey Ya" from The Janitor's wedding episode in Season 8, Teddy himself told me they are going to record that this summer and release it. I can't wait for that - I've been getting by with Obadiah Parker's version, which was the inspiration for the one used in Scrubs.
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