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Team USA, Nowitzki, Pasol, Parker at 2006 World Championships. Need coverage?

Discussion in 'Freelance/stringer help available' started by heinnews, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. heinnews

    heinnews New Member

    Anyone interested in coverage of the 2006 Basketball World Championships in Japan?

    Reports on Team USA? Dirk Nowitzki? Pau Gasol? Tony Parker? Boris Diaw? Andrew Bogut?

    Or on former college guys such as UNC's Ed Cota and LSU's Jamie Lloreda (both playing for Panama)?
    Or Arizona State's Ike Diogu, Kentucky's Kelenna Azubuikie and Ime Udoka (all playing for Nigeria)?

    Or Guillermo Diaz from Miami (Puerto Rico)? Or Christopher McNaughton from Bucknell (Germany)?
    Or Ronny Turiaf from Gonzaga (France?) Or Creighton's Ben Walker (Qatar)? Or St. Mary's Daniel Kickert
    and Baylor's Aaron Bruce (both playing for Australia)?

    Or would you be interested in a piece about how former NBA player Sam Vincent is doing coaching
    the Nigerian national team?

    Those are just some of the stories just waiting to be told from the 2006 World Basketball
    Championship in Japan, which run from August 19 to September 3.

    My name is David Hein. I'm an experienced freelance international basketball journaliist who has covered
    two European Championships and will be at my second World Championships. I've written about basketball
    all over the world, and I would love to help you and your readers get a better picture of international

    If you're interested in coverage or just want to find out more about the upcoming tournament, feel free to
    contact me at heinnews@gmx.de.
    Or if you want to read a bit more about me and see what I've done, please take a glance at my website
    www.heinnews.com - pardon any links that aren't working.

    My goal is to help people better understand the world of basketball. After all, Serbia & Montenegro are the
    reigning "world champions" - and not the Miami Heat, who are only the reigning "NBA champions".

    Love the game
    dave hein
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