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Sun Journal reporter/paginator in New Bern, NC

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by AGS, May 17, 2007.

  1. AGS

    AGS New Member

    This is on journalismjobs.com. I'm the one who is leaving to take another writing job in Maryland. Randy, the SE, is a great guy to work for/with. He encourages enterprise reporting and all-around creativity.


    The Sun Journal, a 15,000-circulation daily located in New Bern, NC, is seeking a sports writer/paginator to fill out its three-person staff. New Bern is located approximately 35 miles from the beach, with Raleigh an hour and a half away. We are looking for candidates with strong deadline writing skills, creativity, and the ability to step right in and generate stories on and off deadline. We paginate using InDesign. We have recently increased the amount of Web-exclusive content produced and will be doing more — such as blogs, videos and podcasts, so experience in that realm is a plus.

    Our focus is on six area high schools and community sports, along with full coverage of East Carolina University athletics. The opportunity to cover other college and professional sports is there for the motivated staff member. Recent college graduates are encouraged to apply. Interested candidates please send resume, cover letter and samples of both writing and layout to Sports Editor Randy Jones, 3200 Wellons Blvd., New Bern, NC 28562. Any questions, please e-mail to rjones@freedomenc.com.
  2. Kable

    Kable Member

    Yeah, Randy is cool. I got an interview a few months ago for a sports reporter job there, but I didn't get the job. Hopefully, I can get another shot. New Bern is a nice small town BTW.
  3. Ever since becoming a regular observer on SportsJournalists.com for two years, I've noticed a great deal of job openings in the Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina area. I'm not from that area, but I have to ask: What gives in this area? Why so many openings?
  4. melock

    melock Well-Known Member

    Speaking from someone who worked in Virginia, the economy those areas (other than the highly populated areas obviously) are terrible. That means wages are low with little or no room to go up. Yes the cost of living is less, but that doesn't make up for having a college degree and barely breaking 20K (if you're luck!).
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