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Stats LLC looking for Sports Writer

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by YoungSportsScribe, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. Just saw this posted on APSE. Any thoughts about the job and how much it might pay?


    Organization: Stats LLC
    Job listing: Sports Writer
    (e-mail): Brian Orefice, Director, News and Editorial Operations
    Phone number: —

    Information: Stats LLC, a joint venture of The Associated Press and News Corp., is searching for a sports writer. We are a leading provider of sports stories, data, photos and audio to media (print, Internet, television, wireless), professional leagues and teams, game companies and commercial sites. Our customers include, among others, Yahoo!, ESPN and CBS Sportsline.

    The ideal candidate will be thoroughly knowledgeable and passionately interested in all major U.S. sports with demonstrated experience as a writer and a solid background in journalism. Responsibilities include: preview writing for all major professional and Top 25 college basketball and football games; multimedia linking to AP recaps; daily updating of individual player news and notes; customized editorial work for clients.

    Must be prepared to work nights and weekends. This position is available in Morton Grove, Ill., just outside Chicago, with headquarters migrating to nearby Northbrook, Ill., at the end of 2006.

    Mail your cover letter and resume to:

    Brian Orefice
    Director, News and Editorial Operations
    Stats LLC
    8130 Lehigh Ave.
    Morton Grove, IL 60053
  2. My guess would be around the $35,000-$40,000 range. It does sound like a pretty good job with a lot of variety if you're someone who enjoys playing with stats.
  3. johnnychoice

    johnnychoice New Member

    They dont say they want clips along with cover letter and resume? Does that mean dont bother sending them or send anyway?
  4. I sent clips along with resume/cover letter and received a nice response.
  5. CarlSpackler

    CarlSpackler Active Member

    For the vets on the board - is this the type of job you could network from back into newspapers or magazines?
  6. steveu

    steveu Well-Known Member

    I would think so. Heck, I'm going to send a resume. Worth a shot, and I've been in newspapers over a decade.
  7. johnnychoice

    johnnychoice New Member

    10 years? I was hoping I had a shot at this...
  8. steveu

    steveu Well-Known Member

    Ah heck, I'd like to think we all have a shot at it if we have the right experience they want... good luck to all who apply.
  9. I've been in the biz for five years. Like I said, I sent cover letter/resume/clips and received a quick response. I was encouraged by the e-mail.

    What I'm wondering is if anyone on the board has worked or knows anyone who has worked for Stats. Any idea where our content would land and how much the job would pay?
  10. Joe Bloggs

    Joe Bloggs Member

    I believe these used to be the Megasports jobs at AP that were sold off to Stats Inc late
    last year. The salary might be around $45,000, and would involve writing previews for games
    that go on some web sites.

    It's a job and a decent paycheck. Real journalism or an inroad into a newspaper or
    reporting job? Not in the least, especially without it's AP tie-in.
  11. Bears00

    Bears00 Member

    Any feedback on this yet?
  12. ogre

    ogre Member

    I know the hiring editor was recently on vacation, so that might be why no action yet. Then again, maybe there is just no action in my direction!
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