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Staff editor, CBS SportsLine.com

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by Craig_Stanke, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. Craig_Stanke

    Craig_Stanke New Member

    CBS SportsLine.com, the website for CBS Sports based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and part of CBS Digital Media, has an opening for an entry level staff editor.

    Staff editors at SportsLine maintain the various arena pages, edit staff and wire copy, process news and game recaps, edit photos -- basically all the daily news/feature/column production for the site. Nights and weekends are involved; the site is close to a 24/7 operation.

    This is NOT a writing position, and the person hired should not take it with the expectation it might turn into one.

    CBS Digital Media is a part of CBS Corp., with all the typical benefits you'd expect from a company of that size, including 401(k) with a match, excellent health and life insurance, etc.

    Those interested should e-mail managing editor Mark Swanson at maswanson@cbs.com.
  2. Craig_Stanke

    Craig_Stanke New Member

    Bump, just trying to keep this around for a couple of days.
  3. jimnorden

    jimnorden Member


    What's the pay range for a gig like this?
  4. Idaho

    Idaho Active Member

    Can I telecommute?? ;)

    I'm sure Florida is a fine place to work, but I can't afford to live there.
  5. Craig_Stanke

    Craig_Stanke New Member

    We kind of decided not to get into specific pay on this board. It's more, I can say, than starting at a small Florida paper, for example. I think that's safe to say. And remember, no state income tax.

    Idaho, we kind of like our newsroom editors to be, you know, in the newsroom. Sorry. :)
  6. Idaho

    Idaho Active Member

    Bummer, guess I'll have to tell the kids that The Man is keeping me down and not letting them move to DisneyWorld.
  7. I call bullshit on Craig Stanke. If he's saying it's more than starting at a small Florida paper, I remind you that small Florida papers might want you for $21,000 or so. Ten bucks an hour, with a college degree. You want that shit? i betcha Mr. Stanke is offering $25K, maybe $27K Though if he's preaching about no state income tax in Florida, maybe he's offering $23K.

    Get real, Stanke. It's expensive to live in Fort Lauderdale. Put what you offer on the board here and let everyone see if it's worth it to live with that. If you're not getting $35K in Fort Lauderdale, you're gonna either have a roommate or a studio apartment, 600 square feet tops.

    Your turn, Mr. Stanke.
  8. Lester Bangs

    Lester Bangs Active Member

    You act like he's recruiting for a sweatshop in China. I'll get away from the sweatshop references in a hurry, but nobody's getting kidnapped and forced to work there. I am pretty sure you'll apply, interview and be offered the job ... at which point you will have been told the salary and are then able to stay involved in the process or decline further involvement. But since it's an entry-level spot, I'd say anybody who would be interested is probably less interested in cash than experience ... which is good because they'll certainly get more of the latter than former.
  9. GeorgeScott

    GeorgeScott Member

    When is a job posted with a salary? Look at any job board and it's rare when you see a salary. Especially on this board. If you need to know immediately, call Stanke, give him your experience and he'll give you a ballpark figure. Or tell him you need $35,000 to live in Lauderdale and he'll say either to apply or hit the road.

    I haven't seen Stanke in years but I know him very well. He's a great guy -- one of the best ever. He spent a lot of years at Florida newspapers and is plugged in better than most folks. I doubt he'd hire anybody who would fly off the handle as quickly as Heywood did anyhow. He's an excellent judge of character.
  10. My best freind works an editor there and I can assure you this position will not make you rich but you should def be able to live in a one bedroom, one bathroom apart in the area.

    It's a great job and I highly suggested people interested in it should apply.
  11. Craig_Stanke

    Craig_Stanke New Member

    Well, you're not the first -- but most have been ex wives and girlfriends.

    I started to reply specifically concerning your figures, but then I'm playing your game, and I'm not interested.

    I'll just repeat what others said here. You think this might be a job you want, drop us an e-mail. Then -- as with most jobs and companies I've ever been associated with -- if you wind up as the person we want to hire, we'll talk money and send an offer letter.

    Heywood, I'm not sure what world you live in, but in mine -- and I know things are changing -- I've never seen a binding monetary offer made on an internet message board.

    Oddly, you seem concerned that inquiring about this job might somehow cost people something. If that's your approach to opportunity -- that it's too big of a risk to send a simple e-mail about -- we're probably not the company for you anyway.
  12. Bill Horton

    Bill Horton Active Member

    Good point Craig. A lot of the young guys on this board need to learn that sometimes the size of the opportunity far outweighs the size of the paycheck.
    I started out of college making $150 per week with no benefits and I was working 60-68 hours a week and loving almost every minute of it. The opportunity to work, grow and learn was fantastic and led me to bigger, better things.
    I'm sure for a lot of talented young editors, this sportsline gig would be a wonderful opportunity.
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