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Sports writer, Bloomington (Ind.) Herald-Times

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by Pat Beane, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. Pat Beane

    Pat Beane New Member

    The Herald-Times is seeking a full-time sports writer to cover high school and Indiana University sports, as well as work an occasional desk shift designing pages or taking calls. We are looking for an aggressive innovative reporter who can break news and take readers behind the scenes with in-depth analysis and/or commentary. Ability to work in all forms of social and multimedia a must. Send cover letter, resume, and three writing samples to ksutton@heraldt.com. Deadline to apply is August 5.
  2. WTFünke

    WTFünke Member

    Anybody hear anything yet? I sent my resume in an hour ago, and I haven't heard back yet ...
  3. Bubbler

    Bubbler Well-Known Member

    Excellent paper, excellent town to live in. A younger me would've applied in a heartbeat. Good luck to whoever gets it.
  4. Appgrad05

    Appgrad05 Active Member

    Anyone with any questions, feel free to PM me.
  5. Steak Snabler

    Steak Snabler Well-Known Member

    I presume this job is to replace the guy who got the Ole Miss beat in Jackson?
  6. playthrough

    playthrough Moderator Staff Member

    Best college town in America, in my highly biased opinion.

    And with IU football, you'll help cover a D-I beat without the annoyance of postseasons or other inconveniences that come with winning.
  7. Matt Stephens

    Matt Stephens Well-Known Member

    Seems like a good gig. Also seems like whoever is hired is going to get thrown in the water and told to swim due to the timing.
  8. Matt Stephens

    Matt Stephens Well-Known Member

    Give Crean some credit, he started with nothing at Indiana. Probably had it worse than any coach in the country in terms of taking over a new program.
  9. CarlSpackler

    CarlSpackler Active Member

    They will show enough signs of improvement this year to keep Crean around for next year's buku recruiting class. If not, the search would likely consist of nothing more than "Brad Stevens, come on down!"
  10. Uhhhh Crean has one of the best recruiting classes in the country coming in....He isn't going anywhere anytime soon
  11. Piotr Rasputin

    Piotr Rasputin New Member

    Uhhhh . . . Indiana's rivals certainly hope so. They look at his record at Marquette and lick their chops.
  12. Bubbler

    Bubbler Well-Known Member

    I've heard about this recruit or that recruit for several years now from IU fans. At some point, you have to start winning with them.
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