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Sports Editor Opening - Ocala, Fla

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by Riddick, Jul 25, 2006.

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    Lifer New Member

    I actually think Ocala is a very nice place. It's growing like crazy, has crap-tons of new amenities and is on I-75 about an hour from Tampa and Orlando and even less than that from Gainesville. I think they get all their UF copy from the Gainesville Sun, but I'm also guessing the SE can go to whatever event he/she wants within reason to write a weekly column, and that there's isolated opportunities to attend UF or FSU football games. I believe HS sports in the region are sub-par -- maybe if you're lucky you get a soccer or softball team in the state tourney every now and then, but football and basketball have seen better days with the exception of 1A juggernaut Trinity Catholic, a team that swipes the best athletes from the other schools in the area and is coached by a former UF quarterback. They might've won state last year, but with the lack of competition in the area, their typical regular season game is a 55-0 mind-number. There's also a JC or CC in Ocala that's been known to feed Div. 1 schools with basketball and baseball players.

    I'd like to get an idea about pay range and what the office, people and operation are like. Anyone?
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