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Sports Editor, Huffington Post

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by sayyestomi, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. sayyestomi

    sayyestomi New Member

    Looks like this was posted about a month ago... but I saw it while browsing and thought I'd pass it along. You can apply on the AOL Career page.

    Sports Editor, Huffington Post
    Huffington Post Media Group
    New York City
    Full Time

    Job Description
    The Huffington Post is looking for an editor to oversee its Sports section.
    The ideal candidate will have a passionate interest in sports and a comprehensive understanding of internet news and the sports blogosphere.

    Job duties
    - Direct The Huffington Post's sports coverage
    - Find, file, post stories and video for HuffPost's Sports section
    - Write compelling headlines and copy
    - Work to build partnerships with other sports sites
    - Serve as a liaison for editors on tech/edit/social issues and developments.

    The ideal candidate MUST:
    - Have advanced proficiency in web publishing and SEO
    - Have strong editorial instincts and written/verbal communication skills
    - Be very active in and familiar with social media, particularly among sports personalities and organizations
    - Have a working knowledge of Photoshop and HTML
    - Be comfortable in a fast-paced, creative, demanding work environment that requires meticulous attention to detail
    - Be willing to work flexible hours, including nights and weekends
    - Have 3+ years experience in online journalism/production, very strong writing skills, and an eagerness to learn & take risks.

    About AOL/Huffington Post
    Our employees have helped to create popular and engaging online products and destinations that attract over 250 million unique visitors each month globally. As a result, AOL/Huffington Post is a leading global web services company with a substantial worldwide audience, a suite of powerful web brands and industry leading products, and one of the largest advertising networks in the United States. We look for people that are exceptionally imaginative, collaborative, and truly excited about our mission: to inform, entertain, and connect the world.
  2. BurgersForBreakfast

    BurgersForBreakfast New Member

    say you're an accomplished print sports editor looking to jump to the online world in a similar role. forget about it. you would have to quit your print job and go to work in a lower-paying job on a website (if you can get one) in order to acquire skills that jobs like this one require -- "advanced proficiency in SEO" and "3-plus years experience in online journalism/production." people often say to me, "newspapers are dying, switch to websites." i wish i could. plus, there is that whole "if print dies most of online news goes with it" thing. only a few true websites. almost all depend on print dollars from -- tuh duh -- newspapers.
  3. imjustagirl

    imjustagirl Active Member

    That's the most ridiculous post I've read on here in at least 10 minutes.
  4. CarlSpackler

    CarlSpackler Active Member

    Do they actually pay people for this job, or is it like the rest of their gigs?
  5. Matt Stephens

    Matt Stephens Well-Known Member

    Girl, I'm bored at the bar browsing on my phone. I just read your post and did a spit take with my beer. The bartender thanks you.
  6. BurgersForBreakfast

    BurgersForBreakfast New Member

    i'm sorry. i won't make any additional ridiculous posts. good luck.
  7. slappy4428

    slappy4428 Active Member

    Don't fret it. The day you let Mr. Self-promotion bother you, the terrorists have won.
  8. Larry Holder

    Larry Holder New Member

    Anyone know who they hired for this?
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