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Senior Interactive Producer & Interactive Producer for NBA.com

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by FlyZone99, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. FlyZone99

    FlyZone99 New Member

    Job Title Interactive Producer, Editorial - NBA Digital
    Division Turner Broadcasting
    Industry Advertising
    Cable/Broadcast Television Networks
    Online Content/Services
    Location United States - Georgia - Atlanta
    Requisition # 114137BR
    Type Full Time
    Posting Job Description Qualifications: B.S., B.A. Journalism or English, or related work experience. Three to Five years experience in journalism field (to include newspaper, Web, magazine, etc.) Demonstrated understanding of NBA. Proficient in basic computer skills such as Excel, Word, and Outlook. Working knowledge of Photoshop. Extensive knowledge of the AP Style Guide, Strong basic editorial skills (must be able to demonstrate an ability to write, copy edit, and show news judgment). Basketball enthusiast desired. Able to work in a team environment and on weekends. Able to handle last-minute or quick-turnaround deadlines for development or in a live publishing environment, organized and have a keen understanding of people, capable of completing agreed upon assignments with little supervision, and motivated to produce quality content and coverage that will inform and entertain its audience.

    Duties: Content production - will read and edit contributed content from staff writers, freelancers, press releases and wire stories. Responsible for producing content with the inclusion of multimedia material, related story links, merchandise features and sales-related content. Photography editing - select and utilize images for content and features throughout the site. Statistical maintenance- utilizing an internal database system, edit and publish data to NBA.COM, such as game results, standings, team pages, etc. Writing - be responsible for weekly editorial assignments, such as game previews and features.

    An estimated 25% of this position's time will require travel.

    Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. and its subsidiaries are Equal Opportunity Employers.
  2. FlyZone99

    FlyZone99 New Member

    I saw that position during a job search and thought to post it here on the boards.

    I was about to apply for one of the positions, but I started reflecting upon conversations I had with people last year when Turner took over NBA Digital. I was informed that the transition was a disaster and that employees were wrongfully laid off at that time. I had even heard that practically nobody from the original NBA.com staff was given the chance to work with Turner. Not sure how accurate that is.

    I don't know the extent to what exactly happened and I don't want to pass judgment on a company I have never been associated with, but I just figured I would give a heads up for those who are applying for either of these jobs. I don't know how things are currently at Turner or how their operation is running. If anyone has inside info on that, please share. If I hear good things, maybe I will change my mind and apply. Thanks.
  3. ctwritereditor

    ctwritereditor New Member

    FlyZone, you received pretty good info. While some NJ dotcommers made seamless transitions (some didnt even have to move), other depts were totally ignored. I got a phone and an in-person interview but never a callback - we love you, we hate you, nothing - from either the interviewer or the HR person. There were no "wrongful" layoffs, however. We were told what was going on and perhaps overestimated our ability to simply move with the department.

    I am guessing these positions are being created in order to handle the wave of copy coming from team beat reporters dotcom is hiring (most are already in place). That was supposed to happen in advance of last season, so that probably speaks to how the operation is running. To be fair, the guy in charge right now had a mess dropped in his lap and didn't even get to make some hires in his own dept (already done by the person who made the mess). He's done well at working out the kinks.
  4. FlyZone99

    FlyZone99 New Member

    Thanks for the inside information. Sorry to hear they did not get back to you after your interviews.

    I had applied for some of those NBA.com jobs last year when the move was first transpiring and I did not hear back from anyone. In my case, though, I was not already working for NBA.com like you apparently were.

    When I initially heard that many of the employees at the original NBA Digital office in NJ were not automatically given the opportunity to move down to Atlanta and work for Turner, I saw that as a really bad sign.

    Although it's not technically one company just simply moving geographically, it essentially was a partnership between the NBA and Turner Sports. So to me, based on the morals and ethics I am familiar with during my professional career, it is an unwritten rule that employees contributing to the product should really be given the privledge of transfering if they desire to do so (unless of course their performance was unsatisfactory, which obviously would have totally different meaning).

    I realize, unfortunately, in the business world logic doesn't win out all the time.

    What also amazed me based on past conversations I had with people around the business was that some really really highly qualified people who applied for positions with Turner never even got an initial phone call. My guess is they were on low budget and didn't want to shell out the big bucks on experienced professionals. Just a hunch.

    Anyways, thanks again for the info.
  5. scribe1

    scribe1 New Member

    I too was at NBA.com when this whole thing went down and let me tell you that job performance had ZERO to do with anyone not getting a shot. In fact, they did hire someone who was totally incompetent. This outfit has ZERO professionalism.
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