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SEC Football Writers

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by Tdell8, Apr 27, 2015.

  1. Tdell8

    Tdell8 New Member

    Saturday Down South is looking for freelance writers, per J-Jobs. Below are the details. Does anyone have some inside info on this? Thanks!


    SaturdayDownSouth.com is looking to hire serious sports writers to cover SEC football. This is a unique opportunity to reach a large audience of passionate fans and become part of a growing company.


    - Produce 10 to 20 articles per week

    - Articles include analysis, opinion columns, and aggregating news

    - Work with our editorial team to refine and publish on a deadline

    - Opportunity to input ideas and identify potential storylines


    Requirements for this job include a bachelor's degree, at least two years of professional experience covering sports, and demonstrated digital publishing expertise. Preference given to those with years of sports writing experience.

    The ideal candidates are able to demonstrate substantial football analysis, understand storylines and pay close attention to detail while working on a deadline.

    Apply to careers@saturdaydownsouth.com with resume and links to relevant clips of your work. Tell us what makes you qualified for this position and what teams, if any, are most known. In the Subject line, write 'YOUR NAME - Application for SEC Football Writer'

    About Saturday Down South:

    Saturday Down South is the largest website dedicated to SEC football coverage with over 15 million visits per month last season. The website has a full-time staff in its office outside of Orlando, Florida. The freelance writer positions are a good way to get your feet in the door on a growing company as we look to expand our coverage and can lead to a full-time position.
  2. Christopher Smith

    Christopher Smith New Member

    What questions do you have?

    -Christopher Smith, SDS Editor

  3. Didn't you layoff some of the people you hired recently?
  4. travis5mith

    travis5mith New Member

    Interested, but confused on to how it is going to work if you don't live near multiple SEC schools.
  5. AMS

    AMS New Member

    Is compensation weekly or per story? Are there practice/game credentials available if the reporter is in an SEC town?
  6. Christopher Smith

    Christopher Smith New Member

    Most of our stories are analysis/opinion and curated news. We don't do much actual reporting except for occasional phone interviews. Feel free to check out our website to see what kinds of stories we produce.
    travis5mith likes this.
  7. Christopher Smith

    Christopher Smith New Member

    Compensation is per story, and we have occasionally gotten game credentials, but it would depend on the person's experience level and our trust in them.
  8. Christopher Smith

    Christopher Smith New Member

    We haven't hired anyone since August, but yes, we did let go of a few writers after the season. These freelance positions will be temporary, August until January. But there's a chance that one or two people could become full-time hires.
  9. BlakeMorgan

    BlakeMorgan New Member

    Is a degree required? I'm a junior at an SEC school right now.
  10. Christopher Smith

    Christopher Smith New Member

    I think we may list it in our requirements on the post. According to our CEO, yes. According to me, "required?" No. But we will give strong preference to those with good professional experience.
  11. When do you expect to make a decision or contact candidates?
  12. Christopher Smith

    Christopher Smith New Member

    We don't have an exact timeline for making a decision, but we'd like to have our team more or less in place by June, I'd say.
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