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Rutgers got some 'splainin' to do....

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by Starman, May 26, 2013.

  1. Starman

    Starman Well-Known Member

    Rutgers, in the market for a new AD following the player-abuse scandal involving former men's hoops coach Mike Rice, finds out their choice as AD, Julie Hermann, was ousted as Tennessee volleyball coach in 1997 after being accused of -- you guessed it -- being abusive toward players.


  2. Armchair_QB

    Armchair_QB Well-Known Member

    Get your shit together rookie.


    The Big Ten
  3. SockPuppet

    SockPuppet Active Member

    The Star-Ledger = good investigating.
    Rutgers administration = bad investigating.
  4. MileHigh

    MileHigh Moderator Staff Member

    Fantastic job of reporting.
  5. baddecision

    baddecision Active Member

    Congratulations to Craig Wolff for a job well done. One overworked and underpaid reporter exposed the entire athletic department of the Big Ten's newest member as a crew of complete incompetents.
  6. Roscablo

    Roscablo Well-Known Member

    Wow. If anything this proves she is a tremendous liar. To say she doesn't remember the letter, the video or being in the wedding is absolute bull shit. Those were three pretty big life events, I'd say. Two of them together -- and would you really not remember being in the wedding of the woman you had help coach with you for many years and then you fired in such a controversial way? -- helped bring her down to the tune of $150,000 and the other made her lose her only big-time college coaching job. No way she "forgets" when her entire team bands against her in that way. These things weren't that long ago and had way too much impact on her life.

    My guess is these big lies equal truth to what happened. Sounds like Rutgers lied too about knowing about the suit or didn't inform the search committee, which is pretty bad itself.

    I have no idea what Rutgers does with this considering all the bad press it's gotten recently. It would seem bad to have an AD who did everything that got you into hot water. Not to mention her trying to sidestep it all reveals what kind of person she really is.
  7. Armchair_QB

    Armchair_QB Well-Known Member

    See, I don't think it's bad investigating.

    I think the school discovered all this - and the story does say they were aware of the lawsuit - but stupidly figured it a) didn't matter or b) nobody else wound find out or care.
  8. three_bags_full

    three_bags_full Well-Known Member

    +1. Knew it and didn't tell anyone.
  9. EStreetJoe

    EStreetJoe Well-Known Member

    Great investigating and reporting by the Ledger.
    Bad investigation on Rutgers part. Story says that they had a head-hunting firm give them a list of 47 recommended candidates that were thoroughly vetted. Then the co-chair of the search committee (a woman) decides to ignore the list of recommended candidates and nominate a woman whose background hadn't been vetted.
  10. EStreetJoe

    EStreetJoe Well-Known Member

    ESPN put out a positive story about her this morning in response to the Ledger piece:
  11. Armchair_QB

    Armchair_QB Well-Known Member

    Does make you wonder if a male AD would survive in the same situation.
  12. Mark2010

    Mark2010 Active Member

    Um, why is a former volleyball coach at Tennessee being named AD at a BCS school to begin with?
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