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RIP Kidd Kraddick

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by Football_Bat, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. Football_Bat

    Football_Bat Well-Known Member

    This news stuns me.


    The first person to tweet the news was, of all people ... Mark Cuban.

    Adding link: https://twitter.com/mcuban/status/361313172621238274
  2. Chef2

    Chef2 Well-Known Member

    He was on one of the affiliates here in town.
    Not a big fan of the show, but by briefly hearing his voice, had no idea he was in his 50's.
  3. Boom_70

    Boom_70 Well-Known Member

    Sorry I've never heard of him or his program. It sounds like I missed something good.
  4. Inky_Wretch

    Inky_Wretch Well-Known Member

    SJ's favorite post-mortem line is in play.

    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 15, 2014
  5. poindexter

    poindexter Well-Known Member

    Never heard of him.
    I think the term "morning show aired nationally" has a different meanining than I think it must mean.
  6. da man

    da man Well-Known Member

    The guy was on in something like 75 markets from California to Florida. Sounds national to me.
  7. Pilot

    Pilot Well-Known Member

    I used to listen to him. He was entertaining and he worked hard. Easy to say after he's died, but he always seemed to stand out as a really good guy, a real nice person, which isn't always easy to do in talk radio. I never heard the show get raunchy at all and sometimes it was straight up sappy, talking about this kids charities or going on about his co-hosts and listeners. It stood out because of how wholesome the show and the humor were.
  8. Colton

    Colton Active Member

    Sounds like a good guy and 53 is just too young.

  9. SockPuppet

    SockPuppet Active Member

    His show's sign off was "Keeping looking up ... cause that's where it all is."

    Also, one of his last shows he riffed on what would be, if he was on his death bed, the last things he would say to listeners and loved ones.
  10. linotype

    linotype Well-Known Member

    Doesn't anybody else find it strange that they'll release the cause of death "at the appropriate time?" Why keep it a secret?
  11. Chef2

    Chef2 Well-Known Member

    Aneurysm, thus sayeth the wiki......


    Still nothing officially released.
  12. apeman33

    apeman33 Well-Known Member

    To add, syndicated radio doesn't work the same way as syndicated TV. Where every single market in the US probably has a station broadcasting reruns of the Big Bang Theory, usually only the larger markets can afford the cost of importing something like Kidd Kraddick. If they are importing something rather than going local, its a service that broadcasts 24/7 with local add ins such as station IDs and commercials. I once worked at an AM-FM combo in Dodge City (just two stations at the time). When we weren't local (which was only morning drive, 6 to 9 a.m., and 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.), we were broadcasting a service from Dallas on the FM station (I don't know where the AM programming came from -- both were ABC services). And in one place just perfectly located one day, I hit the "scan" button on the radio and heard that same format on our station, one in or near Hays and one in Colby.
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