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Retardation 101

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by Beef03, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. Ace

    Ace Well-Known Member

    What about Encyclopedia Brown? Sounds heavy but it's not -- and the answers are in the back!
  2. Cadet

    Cadet Guest

    And I spoke too soon:

    Aug. 29, 2006

    Aggies’ Nelson Reinstated to Men’s Basketball Team

    LAS CRUCES, N.M. – New Mexico State Athletics Director Dr. McKinley Boston announced Tuesday, Aug. 29, that junior forward Tyrone Nelson has been reinstated to the Aggie men’s basketball team effective immediately.

    The student-athlete Misconduct Committee met, Aug. 28, to review the athletic department’s suspension of Nelson based on a filed criminal compliant. After a review of the facts and interviews conducted, committee chair, Dr. Charley Johnson, advised Dr. Boston that the committee’s recommendation was that Nelson should be reinstated immediately.

    “On a review of the reports, the committee felt that there was no evidence that Tyrone (Nelson) was involved in the crimes committed and thus, recommended to Dr. Boston that Nelson be reinstated to the men’s basketball program,” Johnson said.

    “We are obviously very happy that the committee made the recommendation to reinstate Tyrone and that Dr. Boston made the decision to proceed with that recommendation,” Theus said. “We are very happy to have Tyrone back. It is important for people to know that, at no point, was Tyrone not apart of our team. The team has been working very hard in practice and I know Tyrone is anxious to get back out on the court with his teammates.”

    The NMSU Department of Athletics’ 2006-07 Student-Athlete Handbook policy states that: “(a) student-athlete charged with a felony crime of violence or a serious drug offense: dispositions of guilt/responsibility shall be suspended immediately from playing and practice privileges for up to 72 hours pending review by the Student-Athlete Misconduct Appeals Committee. The committee will meet and recommend to Director of Athletics whether to sustain suspension or reinstate.” Section B of the policy states that: “(a) student-athlete shall be dismissed permanently from his or her team if he or she is convicted, pleads guilty, or please nolo contrende to a Felony Crime of Violence or Serious Drug Offense.”

    Nelson, who rejoins the team Tuesday, Aug. 29, and practices throughout the week, will not accompany the team to Vancouver, British Columbia, Sept. 2-4, for a four-game Canadian exhibition tour.

    “I advised coach (Reggie) Theus that Tyrone will not travel with the team to Canada, but will resume his status with the team when they return Sept. 4,” Boston said. “This was an administrative decision, independent of the committee’s recommendation to fully reinstate.”

    “This is an important year for the program and although Tyrone will be missed on the Canada trip, the purpose of the trip is more about getting our guys that did not play together last year, a chance to be on the court in a competitive game,” Theus said. “Tyrone is a first team All-WAC performer and we know about what he can do for us already.”

    The Aggies, in preparation for the 2006-07 season, are participating in a four-game foreign exhibition tour in Vancouver, British Columbia, Sept. 2-4. The team departs for the trip Saturday, Sept. 2, and returns Monday evening, Sept. 4. All four games on the tour will be broadcast live in Las Cruces on KSNM 570 AM with the “Voice of the Aggies”, Jack Nixon, calling all the high-flying hoops action.
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    Well, it got them into the damn building, didn't it? If they didn't try this little stunt, they might have made it through their five or six years there without ever opening the doors. ;D
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