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Portfolio Advice

Discussion in 'Writers' Workshop' started by JFlgn, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. JFlgn

    JFlgn New Member

    Hey guys. I'm trying to put together my first real portfolio as I'm beginning my serious job search (just out of college) and I'm looking for any advice on the best ways to put one together.

    Any advice is helpful. Thanks.
  2. jgmacg

    jgmacg Guest

    JF -

    Just a suggestion, but you'll get much better traffic on a question like this if you post it on the parent Journalism Board. The workshop is largely devoted to the craft of writing, rather than its practice.

    For a start, I'd be a little more specific in the question when you re-post. What sort of writer do you want to be? Where/for whom do you want to one day work? Those things will influence your portfolio choices. Good luck.
  3. WriterWrong

    WriterWrong New Member

    Assuming you have 6-8 solid clips … get pdf files of the "first" pages as they printed, then print them on 8.5x 11 paper. This will allow you to show how prominently a particular clip was placed. Attach each pdf with a single staple to a printed, text-only version of the story, so an editor can then read the story simply. Don't submit columns/edits. No one cares what you think. They are looking for variety and profieciency. Keep your resume to a single page, and write a crisp cover letter focused on action, not desire. Good: "I got the story because I was the only reporter willing to stand in the rain for three hours on that below-freezing night. I got the quote. And we owned the story." Bad: "I love talking to people and I've always wanted to be a writer." Duh. That will set you apart from the pack — not! When finished, attached everything with a single paper clip. Don't bind, or get cute. Let the "package" speak for itself. Of course, check spelling, addresses, titles, etc. a million times. Good luck.
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