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People in my office suck

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by Pilot, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. three_bags_full

    three_bags_full Well-Known Member

    I had bronchitis badly once. I caught a cold, the doc said, during a 30-something hour plane ride and it turned into bronchitis. Coughed up the nastiest shit you've ever seen. Kept my roomates up all hours of the night. The last straw came when my buddy watched me cough a 1/4th cup of blood into the sink. We both knew it was time to see the medic. He gave me an inhaler and some little yellow "pearls" that tasted like chopped assholes when they busted/burst in my mouth. It worked. The entire cold/bronchitis/healing time was nearly three months.
  2. boots

    boots New Member

    Can't we all just get along?
  3. At a former job a long time ago we had this woman in her 60s who had been at the paper for three or four decades. Very sweet woman, single, lived with her elderly sister. But definitely on the disgusting side. She was large but always on the move so when she sat next to me all I heard were loud breathing noises (think Kyle on South Park's cousin) - and god forbid if she ate something - her mouth was always wide open because she never stopped talking.

    And that's not the only thing that was always open.

    The worst moment came one night when she sat caddy-corner from me in the newsroom. Wearing a skirt. Her legs wide open. Her pink (shudder) panties staring right at me out of the corner of my eye. All night.

    The woman never crossed her legs and I was tied to the desk laying out pages. At one point I watched her scratch it. Single worst night of my life.
  4. boots

    boots New Member

    Having a co-worker play with her kitty while on the clock.....PRICELESS!
  5. Pilot

    Pilot Well-Known Member

    We've been way, way, way more direct than that in the past. He was ordered to leave the office and not come back until he was better the last time this happened, but only after he was flat told to go to the doc a few times, and asked to go a few more times.

    My boss bought him cough drops and cough medicine without him even asking, then just walked in and handed them to him without saying a word.

    My questions at this point really don't involve what is wrong with him that makes him cough. Rather, they involve what is wrong with him that makes him not care? What's wrong that makes him resist getting better? He has insurance. That can't be the problem. My question is just, what the fuck is wrong with this guy?

    But I think I'd rather spend an eternity with him than see some old lady scratching her crotch all day. Damn ... that sucks. I can just imagine it ... once you notice the first time, you can't help but notice 1,000 other times for the rest of the day. I bet those panties were everywhere you looked for a week.

  6. Yeah, it was sort of like staring at the sun for a long time.

    As for your situation, your boss has every right to send that guy home if he's sick, especially if he can infect the rest of you. Tell the boss to grow a pair.
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