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Offering assistance

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by StatHistorian, Oct 1, 2015.

  1. StatHistorian

    StatHistorian New Member

    Greetings fellow Journalists!

    I am Tex Noel, a free-lance college football StatHistorian/researcher.

    I would like to FYI all that if you are ever in need for original college football StatResearch--all levels--I have many compilations compiled and they are weekly/annually updated.

    Examples are schools combing for 100 points in a game; circa 1884; 500+ in a season, since 1885; National Champions and Pre-1937 stats--team, player, coach...very large database on this part of college football--taken from a twice published book.

    As well I publish a free monthly newsletter--over 640 world-wide subscribers--on historical college football. Feel-free to contribute, as subscribers/contributors provide the content in The College Football Historian.

    I have assisted others--let me add original content--not found with major media or associations--to your writing/broadcasting/online efforts.

    Enquiries will receive a personal reply.
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