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NFL Wild Card weekend (and Black Monday) thread

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by Cosmo, Jan 4, 2021.

  1. Jake from State Farm

    Jake from State Farm Well-Known Member

    Urbz to Jags, Saleh to Jets and it looks like Smith to Falcons
  2. Twirling Time

    Twirling Time Well-Known Member

    The Eagles hiring Kellen Moore away from Dallas would be so on-brand for the NFC East.
  3. goalmouth

    goalmouth Well-Known Member

    One strategy vs. Lawrence Taylor used to be to run right at him. Looks like the Pack is doing that to Donald.
  4. JC

    JC Well-Known Member

    He’s hurt.
  5. goalmouth

    goalmouth Well-Known Member

    Hurt or injured? Jack Youngblood and Terrell Owens played in the SB with broken legs.
  6. JC

    JC Well-Known Member

    Lol. Ok.
  7. goalmouth

    goalmouth Well-Known Member

    Also, the Rams apparently have forgotten how to tackle. Lot of that going around.
  8. da man

    da man Well-Known Member

    Goff is throwing the ball very well tonight.
  9. JC

    JC Well-Known Member

    Not like it was back in the good ol days.
  10. DanOregon

    DanOregon Well-Known Member

    Anyone have any insight on why Leftwich's name hasn't seemed to come up in any coaching openings? There was some talk of him and the Marshall job, but that didn't happen.
  11. Alma

    Alma Well-Known Member

    The Texans have a mess on their hands.

    Sources believe Watson may be done with Texans

    It'd be quite the bizarro world to see Watson be sent back to Miami for as many - more! - draft picks as were sent to Miami originally. And if Houston got Tua in the transaction, might be OK.
  12. JC

    JC Well-Known Member

    Dolphins would make that deal in a second.
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