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NFL Week 3

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by Mr. Sunshine, Sep 15, 2014.

  1. Mr. Sunshine

    Mr. Sunshine Well-Known Member

    When you have two young kids, you start threads when you can.

    Heading into Week 3 ...

    Will the Vikings reinstate Adrian Peterson?

    Will the 49ers be pressured into deactivating Ray McDonald?

    Will the Bears build on thier momentum, especially on an injury-riddled defense?

    Will Drew Brees and the Saints finally win a game?

    Will the Bills finally lose a game?

    Will Kirk Cousins fare as well as a starter (which he failed to do last year)?
  2. Machine Head

    Machine Head Well-Known Member


    I don't think he plays for the Vikings again, the way things have played out to this point.
  3. Mr. Sunshine

    Mr. Sunshine Well-Known Member

    Maybe they'll trade him to the Niners.
  4. Mr. Sunshine

    Mr. Sunshine Well-Known Member

    You were saying? Guess we know which beatings the Vikings are more concerned with.
  5. Machine Head

    Machine Head Well-Known Member


    There's a new stadium coming.

    Chris Cook didn't affect the revenue stream. They sat him.

    Adrian Peterson does. He beat a four-year-old child bloody.

    But there's a stadium to fill, sponsorships to sell, marketing partnerships to sell, etc.

    Face of The Franchise, Adrian Peterson.
  6. RecoveringJournalist

    RecoveringJournalist Well-Known Member

    I don't think the league is done with Peterson.
  7. Machine Head

    Machine Head Well-Known Member

    One of Peterson's sons by another woman died after being beaten by another man.
  8. Big Circus

    Big Circus Well-Known Member

    That's where I am, too. I don't want him out there, even if the result is Asiata plodding for 3 yards a carry and Cassel tossing interceptions left and right.
  9. LongTimeListener

    LongTimeListener Well-Known Member

    This isn't happening. The 49ers have changed their stance from "due process" to "we're with Ray."

    Besides, that's gone as a team issue. It's all Kaepernick now.
  10. Machine Head

    Machine Head Well-Known Member

    I can't believe the Vikings brought him back.

    Look at the pictures and read what he said about it.

    Face of The Franchise, Adrian Peterson.
  11. Machine Head

    Machine Head Well-Known Member

    Other than the first series the Vikings were beyond awful yesterday.

    But now we get to watch crowds celebrate a man who beat his four-year-old son bloody.

    Face of The Franchise, Adrian Peterson.
  12. LongTimeListener

    LongTimeListener Well-Known Member

    God dammit do I love the Unnamed Sources who hover around the Redskins. From Mike Wise:

    The dirty little secret in Ashburn is that Coach Jay Gruden actually thought Kirk Cousins was better suited to his offense, that Robert Griffin III wasn’t getting it and there was no way to delicately make a change at any point this season without causing major problems throughout the organization. So the new coach was resigned to doing everything he could to develop Griffin into a pocket passer, though he really feared Griffin might not be the guy to lead the team over the long term.

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