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NFL Week 13 Thread: Stevie Johnson won't forgive G-d for being a Steelers fan

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by outofplace, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. outofplace

    outofplace Well-Known Member

    I saw a picture that reminded me of Stevie Johnson's jersey number and I had to do it.

    NFL hits the jackpot with its Prime Time weekend games. Steelers at Ravens Sunday night and Jets at Patriots Monday night, with both games going a long way to deciding division races and possibly home field in the AFC Playoffs.
  2. Oz

    Oz Active Member

    CBS can't be happy this week. Where do Nantz and Simms go, Raiders-Chargers?
  3. Chef2

    Chef2 Well-Known Member

  4. BYH

    BYH Active Member

    That Stevie Johnson rant was so great, I think it should be referenced every week.
  5. 93Devil

    93Devil Well-Known Member

    I really hope that he sticks in Buffalo with Fitzpatrick.

    Ryan, who freestyled before games when you were in college?
  6. kingcreole

    kingcreole Active Member

    The big question is will Todd Haley, if given the chance, run it up on Denver? I think it could be an ugly game at Arrowhead. Haley called off the dogs last year when Jamal Charles could have gotten the NFL single-game rushing record at Denver. I think this time, Haley might turn Charles loose.
  7. 93Devil

    93Devil Well-Known Member

    A really weak slate of games outside of TB/Atl, Pitt/Balt and Jets/Pats.

    The last two, though, are really great matchups, and both are in prime time.
  8. mustangj17

    mustangj17 Active Member

    Didn't Denver beat the shit out of them 3-4 weeks ago? Who says this game will be a blowout? Kyle Orton is going to get down 2-3 scores and then they are going to tossing touchdown passes all over the place.
  9. Madhavok

    Madhavok Active Member

    Johnson is going to be just fine. His numbers are looking pretty damn good for this year after a brutal start. Fitzy on the other hand is four touchdowns behind the NFL leaders in passing scores while sitting out the first two games. The Bills might not win games this year, but there is a small glimmer of hope.

    Wait - Buffalo will still mess it up.
  10. 93Devil

    93Devil Well-Known Member

    I'm amazed either of them are sitting out a couple games, but I don't think the game being on the NFL Network has anything to do with it.

    If you are making $5,000,000 a year and are fined $25,000 that is .005 of your yearly salary.

    To put this into perspective, if you make $50,000, you can punchout a coworker for $250 if they had these rules. You make $25,000, that's $125.

  11. Gutter

    Gutter Well-Known Member


    The ACME Packers make their triumphant return.
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  12. As long as I don't have to listen to them, anyplace will do.
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