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MontanaSports.com job opening

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by skimmel, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. skimmel

    skimmel New Member

    Assistant Digital Editor for MTN Sports

    Oversee and edit MontanaSports.com content, work with MTN Sports team to improve content creation and frequency, create unique MontanaSports.com content, assist in collecting and disseminating scores, stats and standings at MontanaSports.com, create snack-able content for MontanaSports.com, curate relevant content for MontanaSports.com, assist in managing Montana Sports social media accounts, create images, gifs and graphics for social sharing, utilize MTN Sports video to increase brand recognition on social media, research and analyze historical data, research Montana sports streaks and records to supplement stories and create archives and record-book database.

    MontanaSports.com is a new statewide website launched in August 2016. The ADE will work with reporters from eight TV stations across Montana to provide statewide content. This is not an on-air position, but on-camera opportunities will likely be available if interested.

    Assistant Digital Editor for MTN Sports - Cordillera Communications
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