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Memphis looks for college basketball writer

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by publicenemy, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. publicenemy

    publicenemy Member

       As some of you may know, Gary Parrish is leaving The Commercial Appeal to become the national college basketball writer for CBSSportsline.com. We're sorry to see him go, but it doesn't exactly surprise us.

       Parrish covered Memphis basketball for our paper. The job has a way of vaulting aggressive, talented people into national prominence.

       The last four people to have the Memphis beat full time:
       1) Lynn Zinser, who now covers Olympic sports for the New York Times.
       2) Mike DeCourcy, who is the national college basketball writer for the Sporting News.
       3) Zack McMillin, who will be spending this year as a Knight-Wallace fellow at the University of Michigan.
       4) Parrish, who is off to CBSSportline.com.
       That's a pretty good record, by any measure. While we don't take credit for their successes, we do like to think their time on the Memphis beat helped them become better journalists. You can't relax when you cover Memphis for us, because it's simply too important. The Tigers outdraw the Grizzlies on TV. It's the highest profile sports beat in the city. All that, and you don't have to live in some dinky college town. Memphis is fun and funky.

        So send us a some clips and a resume, if you're interested. We're looking for a graceful writer who gets his biggest charge from breaking hard news. And if, four or five years down the road, you use us to springboard to a big national position, that's fine, too. We've had four straight stars in the job -- are you one for the thumb?

       Send your clips, resume and a cover letter explaining why you would stand out from an impressive list of candidates to:
    Gary Robinson, Executive Sports Editor
    The Commercial Appeal
    495 Union Ave.
    Memphis TN 38103

    or e-mail questions only to:
  2. HejiraHenry

    HejiraHenry Well-Known Member

    But Memphis doesn't have a college team.

    It has two pro teams, the Grizzlies and Tigers ...
  3. JME

    JME Member

    ANyone know what kind of credentials they'll be looking for here?
  4. Norman Stansfield

    Norman Stansfield Active Member

    Good for Gary.

    He's a good dude and knows his shit.

    And he no longer has to deal with that slimebag Calipari.
  5. dixiehack

    dixiehack Well-Known Member

    Take the Kentucky opening in Louisville and apply that template, maybe dialed down a half-notch from there.

    And HH, how can you forget about The Brothers? For shame.
  6. HejiraHenry

    HejiraHenry Well-Known Member

    I have covered the Christian Bros., as a matter of fact, at a GSC Tournament or two ...
  7. henrygale

    henrygale New Member

    Only those with major college beat experience need apply. And, no, the Gulf South Conference is not major.
  8. MU_was_not_so_hard

    MU_was_not_so_hard Active Member

    I covered Summer baseball in Centralia (Mo.).
    I don't think they'll pass on that.
  9. Hoop Time

    Hoop Time Member

    It probably wouldn't hurt to have also spent some time working the cops beat news side.
  10. ChrisLittmann

    ChrisLittmann Member

    What a great place to work.
    I'm just making my required appearance in every C-A related thread to sing the praises of the guys in charge.
    My 10-week internship was an amazing experience. The person landing this job is getting a great gig.
  11. It's surely a great city! Whomever gets this job will be in one of the best places to live in America.
  12. Ace

    Ace Well-Known Member

    So bootlicking is a requirement of a Commercial-Appeal internship? I thought it was optional.
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