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Liberal Media - Iraq Redux

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by Lamar Mundane, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. zeke12

    zeke12 Guest

    Well, if the proof's in the numbers, then 42.

    I win.
  2. alleyallen

    alleyallen Guest

    Yawn has lost his manhood with that one.

    By the way Yawn, I notice you didn't take the time to respond after I proved you wrong with regards to your homophobic comments. The truth's even more telling.
  3. jgmacg

    jgmacg Guest

    Yawn brings down the pillars of wicked Liberalism.

  4. alleyallen

    alleyallen Guest

    Hey Yawn, let's examine those five supposed tenets of liberalism.

    * Thought control -- Big brother, under Bush, is trying to get the freedom to tap our phone lines, read our email and brand as a traitor anyone who doesn't agree with them. They also try to funnel federal funds into faith-based initiatives and try to pass amendments telling people who they can't marry.

    * Hysteria -- The Shrub and Rummy and others are convinced every nation with a rogue element is bent on killing us and we've got to take pre-emptive police action on every one of them, right now! They routinely changed the Threat-Con and got a convenient little poll boost every time.

    * Denial of Reality -- We can definitely have a two-front war, start in on another, embroil and entire region against us and still win it all, while cutting taxes.

    * Name calling -- Yawn, Dyepack and old tony are as guilty of this as ANY liberal on this board. And it was one George H.W. Bush who took the low road in the '88 election by trying to get people to think Dukakis was evil by calling him a "card-carrying member of the ACLU."

    * Projection of guilt -- Good God, the Shrub and his administration project that sense of guilt in their business dealings, their secretiveness and the way the prosecute foreign policy and dealings with contractors (i.e. Halliburton, etc.).

    Where's your five pillars now?
  5. BYH

    BYH Active Member

    So he's got something in common with bobblehead Yawn.

    Yawn bragging about being on hold for Hannity's show is the single funniest thing ever posted here.
  6. Yawn

    Yawn New Member

    Pillar No.1 : That great liberal FDR did the same thing in WWII, and correctly, I might add.

    Pillar No. 2: Rummy is no longer a factor. Hysteria is believing that the boogey man is going to get you, which with that remark, you obviously have that fear.

    Pillar No. 3: You might have something on taxes. You don't on war. We fought two theaters in the bloodiest war known to man in modern times and did quite well, with, like now, the French watching, on their knees, from the sideline. Your denial of reality is that Radical Islam is itching to be friends with John Kerry, Che Clinton, or any other Democratic Genius.

    Pillar No. 4: Kids' play. He said, she said. The consistency in one's side on this board is to do it when they have nothing else to offer...all salvos fired without striking.

    Pillar No. 5: Democrats making anyone feel guilty for making a good life. For using guilt for nothing but a vote and never really intending to help those they hold up as victims. Except, of course, gay couples.

    My pillars? a chip here and there, but overall, a solid support structure.

  7. The Free French and I would like to invite you to Brazzaville for some paste au jus, you ahistorical idiot.
  8. alleyallen

    alleyallen Guest

    You provide an interesting, albeit flawed, point of view. Flawed, but interesting. And again, rather than admit your mistake, you try once again like a fish flailing on the deck, to get back in the water and redeem yourself. The problem is, there's no redemption in your thinking, Yawn. None.

    If you use the "thought control" model you mentioned and that I parodied, then EVERY president since Lincoln would be guilty of some form of it.

    If Rummy's absence somehow makes a difference, the world isn't seeing it. And you still didn't address my point of the Bush administration using the public's fear of a terror attack to get what it wanted. Until you respond to that, none of your opinions are worth a steaming pile of donkey dung.

    In terms of a two-front war, it's nice that you conveniently overlooked the entire sentence and focused on that one phrase. Problem is, it invalidates your entire argument. So, since you seem to have difficulty with reading comprehension, I'll post it again....

    We can definitely have a two-front war, start in on another, embroil and entire region against us and still win it all, while cutting taxes.

    Notice I didn't say ONLY a two-front war. I said a three-front war, an entire region against us (pretty sure that the bulk of Western Europe wasn't against us when we were fighting the Germans, you revisionist), victory and cutting taxes. Get it right or don't bother.

    You talk about consistency, but you're actually referring to both sides, yourself included. There are people on this board who'd love to plug your cornhole with the lies and vitriol you've posted on here, so it's probably not a good idea to claim you and others aren't consistent name callers.

    Your claim about Democrats projecting guilt...where does that come from? Seriously? It's pure rhetoric because you know you don't have a platform on which to stand.

    This isn't about Dems being better than Republicans or vice versa, as you seem to think it is. This is about people loving their country and wanting to make it better. I just happen to think that the liberal approach, in general, is more in keeping with the American spirit. You, on the other hand, revel in stirring up problems (the whole Madame Che persona is a perfect example of feeding the fire instead of putting OUT the fire) but not offering solutions. That's why I claim you're what's wrong with America. You'd rather argue that solve.

    And with that, I'm done with you, Yawn. Want to debate the issues? Fine. Want to be a troll? You're a waste of oxygen.
  9. "They also try to funnel federal funds into faith-based initiatives and try to pass amendments telling people who they can't marry."

    FDR did this?
  10. alleyallen

    alleyallen Guest

    I'm sure Yawn thinks that in the myriad alphabet soup of agencies created by FDR that there was at least one group which did. Possibly the NGA (No Gays Allowed) and POW (Preaching Our Way).
  11. Off topic, but thanks alley for the correct use of "myriad," which is the grammar mistake that grinds my last nerve.
  12. zeke12

    zeke12 Guest

    I've never understood why so many people want it to take a preposition, either, Fen.
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