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Jogging or sex?

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by EStreetJoe, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. EStreetJoe

    EStreetJoe Well-Known Member

    Looking at hedshots can you tell who just went jogging and who just had sex?
    (all photos SFW)
  2. StormSurge

    StormSurge Active Member

    "Oop... I almost forgot. I won't be able to make it, fellas. Veronica and I trying this new fad called, uh, jogging. I believe it's 'jogging' or 'yogging.' it might be a soft j. I'm not sure but apparently you just run for an extended period of time! It's supposed to be wild."
  3. alleyallen

    alleyallen Guest

    Missed 3 out of 12. That's neat.
  4. mike311gd

    mike311gd Active Member

    Christ. It's been so long since I've done either, so I'm definitely not the expert. But I was 7-for-12, regardless.
  5. Captain_Kirk

    Captain_Kirk Well-Known Member

    8 for 12.

    Knew for sure I had picture no. 2 and picture no. 8 correct.
  6. EStreetJoe

    EStreetJoe Well-Known Member

    They help you a little by telling you at the top of the page that five just had sex and seven just went jogging. Incase you weren't sure of some of your answers.
  7. writing irish

    writing irish Active Member

    Damn, perfect score. It was pretty easy picking out the people who looked happier.
  8. da man

    da man Well-Known Member

    Those were the joggers, right?
  9. HejiraHenry

    HejiraHenry Well-Known Member

    8 of 12.

    Funny idea. Those of you with weekly recreation pages should try this feature in your papers.
  10. Sxysprtswrtr

    Sxysprtswrtr Active Member

    9 for 12. And kinda like you, I just knew pictures No. 2 and No. 3 "just had sex."
  11. Seahawk

    Seahawk Member

    I got 10 out of 12 correct.
  12. Songbird

    Songbird Well-Known Member

    Missed 7.

    Then again ... err, nevermind.
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