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Investigative piece on the role of money in college athletics

Discussion in 'Freelance/stringer help available' started by ColeClaybourn, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. ColeClaybourn

    ColeClaybourn New Member

    I wrote a rather lengthy piece for my final journalism capstone assignment in May on the role of money in college athletics. I also looked at various issues such as athletes leaving school early for the pros, how injuries can affect athlete's futures and the value of a college education for any athlete.

    It's framed by the the debate back in the spring between Buzz Bissinger and Jason Whitlock on whether or not banning college football is a good idea.

    I put an entire semester's worth of work into this and for whatever reason never lobbied to get it published anywhere, but I'm pretty proud of it and a lot of research and interviews went into this.

    A lot of it is centered around schools in Kentucky, because that's where I went to school (WKU), but plenty of it references schools and athletes nationwide.

    It's about 25 pages on paper, double-spaced, so it would most likely need to be published parts at a time. I have it broken down into sub-sections though to make it easy to do this. PM me if you'd be interested in publishing all or part of this.

  2. ColeClaybourn

    ColeClaybourn New Member

    Anyone interested? Buehler?
  3. This isn't the right way to sell a story. Contact editors directly. I'm not sure anyone outside of Kentucky would care about schools in Kentucky, anyway.
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