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HS reporter at the KC Star

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by jeffro88, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. jeffro88

    jeffro88 New Member

    Job description
    The Kansas City Star Media Company Sports Department is looking for a full-time, digital-first reporter to help cover the 100-plus high schools within our coverage area. Qualifications include prior reporting and writing experience, proven sourcing and interviewing skills and the ability to write in/for a range of styles and platforms, including social media, breaking news and features/profiles.

    Desired Skills and Experience
    If interested, please send cover letter, resume and 5-6 writing samples to Jeff Rosen, Assistant Managing Editor/Sports, at jrosen@kcstar.com.
  2. ewebeck

    ewebeck New Member

    What's the timeline expected to be for filling this? ASAP?
  3. jeffro88

    jeffro88 New Member

    Would like to have someone on board in time for spring sports, so we're hoping to move fairly quickly.
  4. ped0003

    ped0003 New Member

    Digital clips? PDFs? Or does it matter?
  5. jeffro88

    jeffro88 New Member

    Either is fine, ped0003
  6. pkm

    pkm New Member

    Has this position been filled?
  7. jeffro88

    jeffro88 New Member

    Not yet, but we're getting close. A sincere thank-you to all who've applied, shared thoughts on candidates, etc. We've been really encouraged by the quality of applicants out there.
  8. Tyler Thompson

    Tyler Thompson New Member

    So, the interviews have already begun?
  9. jeffro88

    jeffro88 New Member

  10. singerman

    singerman New Member

    Thanks for keeping us updated on this, Jeff.
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