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How come we can't do this here?

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by poindexter, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. poindexter

    poindexter Well-Known Member


    South Korean Bank Chief Falls To His Death From His 6th Floor Office

    A South Korean bank chief jumped to his death from his 6th floor office at the Jeil 2 Savings Bank in South Korea yesterday, according to a police spokesman who insisted on anonymity.

    "It looks like a suicide," said the spokesman.
  2. Baron Scicluna

    Baron Scicluna Well-Known Member

    Why would the American ones kill themselves? They've got pricy golden parachutes to live off of!
  3. TrooperBari

    TrooperBari Well-Known Member

    What is it you're asking Americans to replicate, poin? Have more people commit suicide rather than potentially face public shame and humiliation, either through being arrested or the failure of their business?
  4. poindexter

    poindexter Well-Known Member

    Potential shame and humiliation?

    Check out the gifts that bank boards give themselves through failure... anyone remember Washington Mutual?

    There's no shame or humiliation, only largess, because, after all, these talented people may take their scary talents somewhere else!
  5. HejiraHenry

    HejiraHenry Well-Known Member

    There was once a fine tradition of Tennessee elected officials, most always Democrats, killing themselves when caught in disgracing circumstances. I would not discourage that at all.
  6. Bodie_Broadus

    Bodie_Broadus Active Member

    "Looks like a suicide"

    No shit.
  7. Ace

    Ace Well-Known Member

    I am sure that America's failed bankers and derivative-bond traders are willing to leap to their deaths just as much as the dang Japanese.

    They may just need a little push.
  8. Ben_Hecht

    Ben_Hecht Active Member

    Suspect there are a whole lot of bluffs which need to be called, out there . . .
  9. BrianGriffin

    BrianGriffin Active Member

    Here, they just go away for a while then come back on reality TV.
  10. SpeedTchr

    SpeedTchr Well-Known Member

    It is more than a bit disturbing to read so many calls for "death to the rich" across this board. Every bit as disturbing as if someone were to call for poor people to off themselves to stop being a burden on society. Why would anyone be cheerful about this?
  11. dooley_womack1

    dooley_womack1 Well-Known Member

    You're silly, Poin. Of course sj won't ban you for jumping off a tall building.
  12. JR

    JR Well-Known Member

    Excuse me but who has actually said that?
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