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Hello! McFly!

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by Football_Bat, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. Football_Bat

    Football_Bat Well-Known Member

    Remember the boots Michael J. Fox wore in BTTF 2?

    Coming soon to a shoe store near you ...

  2. CentralIllinoisan

    CentralIllinoisan Active Member

    Mattel made hoverboards, but the government got involved and recalled them.
  3. CentralIllinoisan

    CentralIllinoisan Active Member

    I get your car towed all the way to your house, and all you have for me is light beer?

    Why didn't you tell me your car had a blind pot, McFly?
  4. TyWebb

    TyWebb Well-Known Member

    A friend of mine just bought one of those orange vests McFly wore throughout most of the first one, just for nostalgia and his love for the trilogy. If he had seen those boots, he would have never recovered.

    "Do you really think I should swear?"
    "Yes, goddammit George, you should swear."
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