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Greyhounds lose races after getting, um, distracted.

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by dixiehack, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. dixiehack

    dixiehack Well-Known Member


  2. BYH

    BYH Active Member

    Darnit, I thought this would be about greyhounds humping...like in that Simpsons where Santa's Little Helper impregnates the dog on the track.

    Bart: "It looks he's trying to jump over her, but he can't quite make it. Come on, boy, you can do it!"
  3. Chi City 81

    Chi City 81 Guest

    "This is the end. This is the end of dog racing."
  4. JBHawkEye

    JBHawkEye Well-Known Member

    Or when Brian violated Seabreeze on "Family Guy."
  5. BYH

    BYH Active Member

    Homer: "Aw, so THAT'S what's been wrong with the little fellow: He misses casual sex!"
  6. Del_B_Vista

    Del_B_Vista Active Member

    Hell, if they'd wanted to fix races at Mobile Greyhound Park, I coulda hooked them up. A regular poster on the board was once tapped to go over and cover a dog that had won a billion races in a row and was tied for the world record. He was going for 1,000,000,001 that night, and our man heads east to MGP for the big event, which he's not wild about covering. "Greyhound racing!? Greyhound racing!?[/jimmora]" He gets there, dog looses and the Curse of Jesus Muscatel is born.
  7. Claws for Concern

    Claws for Concern Active Member

    What does this have to do with the bus?
  8. spaceman

    spaceman Active Member

  9. Precious Roy

    Precious Roy Active Member

    This is f'ed up. My family raised racing greyhounds and we have had dogs in Mobile... This is just crazy. It's not like dog racing is hard to pick a good dog.
  10. slappy4428

    slappy4428 Active Member

    I laughed out loud at that... three people in the cellblock I work in looked to see what Iwas laughing at
  11. Big Buckin' agate_monkey

    Big Buckin' agate_monkey Active Member

    *insert Stewie's version of porn music*
  12. Jesus_Muscatel

    Jesus_Muscatel Well-Known Member

    Not only did said dog lose, he finished out of the money.

    But the clientele in the grandstand was impressive.
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