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Good AJ Smith piece

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by Scribbled_Notz, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. As someone who used to deal with this bastard when he used to work for the Buffalo Bills, this was a pretty good piece. Didn't think I could even look at AJ in a positive light. :D

  2. trounced

    trounced Active Member

    He's the NFL Executive-of-the-Year and it isn't even a contest.
  3. Um, some people in New Orleans might object. :)
  4. Bush, Colston, Brees, bringing in journeyman that turned a dreadful defense into a decent one... Not to mention their starting center and one of their defensive tackles were acquired by just moving down 8-10 spots in the SAME round of the second and fourth rounds... 9-4.... Mickey Loomis sounds like the exec of the year to me...
  5. trounced

    trounced Active Member

    San Diego's 11-2. Smith essentially traded Eli Manning for Philip Rivers, Shawne Merriman, Nate Kaeding, and Roman Oben. He drafted LT Marcus McNeill with the 62nd pick. If you had the draft all over again today, he'd be in the top three. Depending on the team, he would go as high as one.

    Check out his 2004 draft:
    1) Eli Manning essentially traded for the four guys listed above
    2) Igor Olshansky - started DE
    3) Nate Kaeding
    4) Nick Hardwick - starting center
    4) Shaun Phillips - more than 10 sacks this season
    5b) Michael Turner - he's restricted next year and they'll get another top pick for him if he isn't resigned
    6) Ryan Krause - backup TE
    7) Shane Olivea - starting right tackle

    Kris Dielman, the starting right guard, was an undrafted free agent. Antonio Gates was an undrafted free agent.

    He got Antonio Cromartie in last year's draft, and Merriman, Castillo, and Vincent Jackson in 2005. He also made the trade for Keenen McCardell.

    He'll also get a third-round pick in compensation for Brees.

    Hard to argue with that production.
  6. Yea, that was a great 2004 draft... but it isn't a lifetime achievement award... It's THIS year... and I would bet many more people saw SD being 11-2 before N.O. being 9-4, shit even 4-9... What Loomis did in the draft THIS YEAR was phenomenal, and although I can see the Smith argument, I think Loomis one-upped him.

    If they re-drafted this year's draft, you think Colston would go third to last? Probably Top 10 or 15....
  7. trounced

    trounced Active Member

    No, I don't think Colston would go third from last. I do, however, think Smith's last four picks in the top two rounds -- Merriman, Castillo, Cromartie, and McNeill -- would probably all be in the top 10-15 if in the same draft.

    They've both done a fantastic job. It's kind of like the Brees/LT MVP argument. I think if you look at the award in a singular season, maybe Loomis should get the award. If you reward an executive for systematically building a great team, it's hard to limit that building to one year.
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