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Football Writers Wanted

Discussion in 'Freelance/stringer help wanted' started by bdmorgan, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. bdmorgan

    bdmorgan New Member

    Greetings! I'm the co-founder of OnsideKick.com (http://www.onsidekick.com). We're in beta now and will be open to the general public soon. We have a team of freelance writers assembled but I'm confident we will be looking to add more as we reach summer and enter the fall. Any specialty or experience in any (but not all) of the following would be ideal:

    - In-depth NFL coverage, particularly demonstrated beat writing experience
    - College recruiting coverage
    - Ability to break down offensive/defensive strategies
    - In-depth coverage/experience with any of the "Big 6" conferences

    I've read through some of the other posts on here so let me try to answer some questions, in advance.

    (1) Do we pay? Yes, we pay. Initial staff projects are being worked/paid using Elance.

    (2) How much do we pay? We're a bootstrapped tech startup (i.e. funded out of founders' pockets for the time being) but also are experienced editors and writers in our own right, albeit not in the sports journalism field. What we're able to pay now is in the range of $25-75 per 400-600 word article now, with a promise to compensate staff fairly as we grow. Obviously, a love of writing and a desire to participate in a potentially fast-growing startup has to make up for the lack of $$ at this stage. We will aggressively try to find and reward the best writers covering football in the U.S. - if you're confident that you are or can be one of them, step up.

    (3) Are we open to content sharing and/or other partnership opportunities with your blog/site/etc.? In a word, yes.

    I can be reached at bryan@onsidekick.com if you have add'l questions or want to discuss further, please send me a resume. If you're interested in getting early access to our beta site, submit a request at http://www.onsidekick.com.


    Bryan Morgan
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