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First HS hockey gamer

Discussion in 'Writers' Workshop' started by forever_town, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. forever_town

    forever_town Well-Known Member

    This is after getting some revision from a SportsJournalists.commer with a lot more experience writing hockey than I have (thanks Flash!).

    DeMatha and St. John’s have battled it out many times over the years on the gridiron and the hardwood, but the schools can provide plenty of drama on the ice, too.
    Even though DeMatha’s varsity 2 hockey team, roughly the equivalent of a junior varsity squad in other sports, was facing the Cadets varsity squad, the Stags didn’t let their lack of experience get the best of them. Stags freshman forward Mitchell Holiday scored the winning goal in the third period of DeMatha’s 3-2 victory over St. John’s Jan. 24.
    Stags coach Rob Payne said freshman goalie Drew Weigman turned the tide for the Stags.
    Cadets forward Phil Evans, by far the team’s leading scorer with 21 of St. John’s 41 goals, was awarded a penalty shot with a chance to tie the game.
    However, Weigman denied Evans, preserving DeMatha’s 2-1 lead with five minutes, 11 seconds left in the second period.
    “That was the game, I thought that was the swing in the game,” Payne said.
    Penalties were a big factor on both sides of the scoresheet. All five goals came on the power play and Payne said St. John’s defense gave the Stags several opportunities.
    “The one thing about St. John’s, I think they leave the neutral zone open a little too much, so I think we took advantage of that,” he said.
    St. John’s coaches said their team didn’t have enough intensity.
    “First period, we came out flat,” Cadets coach Barry Fig said. “We had our chances, but overall [we had a] lack of intensity.”
    Added assistant coach Eric Dunner: “Every time we put on a little pressure something went wrong. We made a lot of mental mistakes and that’s what killed us today.”
    Even though St. John’s Charlie Nicolson logged his fourth goal of the year to even the score at 2-2 with 11:38 left in the third period, the Stags stayed with the attack. Holiday scored the game-winning goal with five minutes left in the period, finishing the day with two goals and an assist on Jude Hanlein’s goal in the first period.
    Holiday lauded his goalie's key save.
    “Any time you make a big save like that we’ve got to win for him,” Holiday said.
    Payne said Weigman might be a freshman and goalies can’t officially be captains, but he is a quiet leader.
    “He’s not a real big vocal leader but he’s working really hard on the ice,” Payne said. “I think if Drew ran through a wall, the guys would follow him.”
    Weigman said he thought the Stags response to his save was the key to the game.
    “I was trying to figure out what would happen,” he said. “We stepped it up.”
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