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Experience with InCopy/TownNews combo?

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by Mr. Sunshine, Aug 21, 2014.

  1. Mr. Sunshine

    Mr. Sunshine Well-Known Member

    We're getting ready to go to an integrated system, but right now it appears there is no mechanism set up to measure story length solely in InCopy. It measures words and characters like any word processing would, but that is no help for a publication. Once it's on an InDesign page, no problem, but the current glitch makes editing very inefficient. The previous system I worked on used SaxoTech with the Adobe suite and measurements in InCopy were no problem.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. JRoyal

    JRoyal Well-Known Member

    I never really got it set up here in Tulsa, but the Town News folk should be able to set the browser stuff up with your template master so that they get a decent estimate. Not exact like it is on the page in InCopy, but it can get pretty close.

    As for doing it in InCopy, we don't do any editing in InCopy before it hits a page. Everything is done through the browser interface. Are you going to be using InCopy when it has no layout?

    (Side note on measurements after it's on page: If the column isn't a true column width, they won't be accurate. If it's wider, a 20" story on a basic column will register lower. If they're narrower, it will show as longer.)
  3. Mr. Sunshine

    Mr. Sunshine Well-Known Member


    We're using CCI now, so at least the first round of editing is done before placement. I think the plan was to try and keep that setup, but everything is subject to change once the rollout begins.
  4. FileNotFound

    FileNotFound Well-Known Member

    33 words per inch, in a normal measure.
  5. Mr. Sunshine

    Mr. Sunshine Well-Known Member

    Funny you mention that. It gives a word count and I had done the math, but this being journalism, that solution was frowned upon. :)
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