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DirecTV moving question

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by Cape_Fear, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. Cape_Fear

    Cape_Fear Active Member

    I know variations of this have probably been mentioned before, but here goes.

    Next month I'm moving from an apartment to a house. As it stands now I have DirecTV but without the local channels and with a single DVR. I just have the two lines running straight from the dish to the receiver.

    When I get into the house I'm adding a second DVR (which I'm going to fake going to cable to try and get) and local channels, but here in Podunk it is on a seperate dish. When the previous owner made his renovations he added a giant coax junction in the basement with multiple lines in and cable running to each room in the house. Is it possible to run both dishes to this, run both signals over one line and split them at the end into the seperate inputs on the receiver or do they have to run another line to each of the rooms?
  2. WazzuGrad00

    WazzuGrad00 Guest

    You should be able to use one dish for everything. Call DirecTV and they'll set you up with a new 3-satellite dish.
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