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copy editor, designer, reporter in Hawaii

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by gravehunter, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. gravehunter

    gravehunter Member

    As seen on JournalismJobs.com.

    Here is the link (typo included)


    Company: West Hawaii Today
    Location: Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
    Salary: $40,000 to $45,000

    Description: West Hawaii Today, a daily newspaper located in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii, has an immediate opening for a talented copy editor/page designer to work on a two-person Sports desk. At least two years of full-time copy editing/page design experience at a daily newspaper is required. Ideal candidate is a fast, reliable, multi-tasking self-starter who can design pages, edit copy, process stats and scores, and write occasional sports features and game stories. Must be willing to work evenings and some holidays. Journalism degree preferred; must be proficient with Photoshop and InDesign. Two-year commitment required. This position offers a competitive salary and a generous benefits package. To apply, send cover letter, resume, references and work samples (pdf files preferred) to David Bock at dbock@stephensmedia.com. Please type "Sports desk" in the subject line. No calls, please.
  2. boundforboston

    boundforboston Well-Known Member

    Is the type the salary?

    What happens if you break the two-year commitment? Does the paper have any type of legal recourse?
  3. gravehunter

    gravehunter Member

    the typo was a misspelled word in the ad. I would think the salary is legit because Hawaii is a pretty pricey place to live.
  4. champ_kind

    champ_kind Member

    The salary is legit. As is the cost of living.
  5. TrooperBari

    TrooperBari Active Member

    If there is an affordable part of Hawaii in which to live, the Big Island would be it. The west side is more expensive than the east side, what with all the resorts and golf courses around.

    Lots of good people out there on the Big Island. Joe Ferraro is still the West Hawaii sports editor, I believe.
  6. MileHigh

    MileHigh Moderator Staff Member

    I'm sure they'll be making you sign an agreement that says in part if you leave before the two years are up, there's a price to pay.
  7. Baron Scicluna

    Baron Scicluna Well-Known Member

    Not unless you sign a contract, or a non-compete. Which leads to the question of what does the employee get in exchange? Are they paying moving expenses or the flights out and back?

    Otherwise, unless they're willing to guarantee you two years of employment or some other compensation, fuck 'em and the commitment. It's a two-way street.
  8. champ_kind

    champ_kind Member

    they do — or at least used to — reimburse for moving expenses, including shipping your car
  9. joe_schmoe

    joe_schmoe Active Member

    I saw this job open sometime back and this was my first thought. Living on the Big Island might seem like an okay gig, but the cost of getting there (and getting transportation there) would seem a bit much to make it worth it. And when I checked then gas was over a dollar more a gallon than it was here.
    I actually did find one relatively affordable rental not too far from the newspaper office though, a bit less expensive than I thought it was going to be. Just one though.
  10. KJIM

    KJIM Well-Known Member

    It might have something to do with the travel expenses. You don't stay two years, it could be that they don't pay your return ticket or pay your bill for shipping back home.

    That's a guess, though.
  11. ScottJBryan

    ScottJBryan Member

    Had a friend who worked here as a news designer. Absolutely loved it. Back when she went there (2003 or so), they paid for the interview, moving expenses (including her car). I think they even paid for her to live in a pretty nice hotel for a couple of weeks until she found a place to live. Not sure if that's all changed. The only reason she left was because one of the corporate guys was impressed with her work, and she was offered a job in Las Vegas. High cost of living, but like anywhere, there are deals to be found.
  12. gravehunter

    gravehunter Member

    paid for the interview? Must be nice. Even if she didn't the job it would have made for a nice mini-vacation.
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