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Congressional subpoena? How about a seaside resort instead?

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by spinning27, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. spinning27

    spinning27 New Member

    I hope they have him arrested and haul his ass in

  2. Dickens Cider

    Dickens Cider New Member

    Ugh. Dude, give it a rest already.
  3. Why don't you go here, Spinning? This shit is tiring.
  4. spinning27

    spinning27 New Member

    Yes, it's soooooo tiring to point and click. This is the ultimate free market of ideas. If people don't want to discuss, the thread dies and goes away.
  5. When do you go away?
  6. This is just as annoying as someone starting a thousand Republican threads. It's all agenda-driven. This place and agendas don't mix. If there's a good story or topic, then post it. If not, STFU.
  7. old_tony

    old_tony Well-Known Member

    What I want to know is why did spinning27 nuke the account he had under the name "Fenian_Bastard"? Could it be because he was a big Hillary supporter but now that Hillary's done he's too proud to be an Obama supporter under the same name? Such vanity.
  8. Dickens Cider

    Dickens Cider New Member

  9. I have a different theory entirely, OT. Hopefully it will be nipped in the bud soon.
  10. spinning27

    spinning27 New Member

    Sorry you have such a huge problem.
  11. I'm just being consistent. You're promoting division and your party. I didn't like it when Y.a.w.n. did it and I don't like it that you're doing it.
  12. spinning27

    spinning27 New Member

    You're promoting facism.
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