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Communications Coordinator - New York Red Bulls (Secaucus, NJ)

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by sports scrub, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. sports scrub

    sports scrub Member

    Most Jobs take Energy. This One gives It! We have an exciting opportunity to join Red Bull New York (RBNY) as a Communications Coordinator. Being a member of the dynamic staff of Red Bull New York means that you will be part of the excitement and energy of working for Red Bulls' Major League Soccer team, New York Red Bulls. The offices for Red Bull New York are located in Secaucus, NJ.
    This is a great opportunity for an enthusiastic and goal-orientated person who is committed to the sports industry and the growth of New York Red Bulls and Major League Soccer.

    Essential responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
    • Maintaining media contact and distribution lists
    • Coordinating and distributing departmental messages and press releases to internal and external stakeholders
    • Monitoring daily media coverage in all mediums (print, radio, television, and internet)
    • Creating and continually updating clip/audio/video files of players and RBNY organization for archival and future pitching to media
    • Fielding incoming calls to the Communications department and directing the calls as needed
    • Assisting with administrative duties for the Communications department
    • Writing duties as assigned

    Basic qualifications for this position include:
    • Bachelor’s degree in Communications or related major
    • Experience in Communications or Public Relations department for a sports organization, league office, college/university, entertainment venue, or similar industry
    • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to problem solve in a fast-paced environment
    • Superior organizational skills with the ability to manage changing priorities
    • Strong computer skills with above average knowledge of MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
    • Bi-lingual in both English and Spanish highly preferred

    Regular attendance in conformance with the standards, set by Red Bull New York is essential to the successful performance of this position. Employees with irregular attendance will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. Due to the cyclical nature of the entertainment industry, the employee may be required to work varying schedules to reflect the business needs of the company.

    Please note that you will only be contacted if selected for an interview.
    Red Bull New York is an Equal Opportunity Employer. M/F/D/V


    anyone have any info on this?
  2. hockeybeat

    hockeybeat Guest

    So, if I don't show up for work, I could be fired? Who knew?
  3. Editude

    Editude Active Member

    It takes energy to mention Red Bull six times in the first paragraph of the job listing. It reads more like a parody of an ad: We get that the sponsor is an energy drink.
  4. Piotr Rasputin

    Piotr Rasputin New Member

    Interesting timing on these MLS PR gigs, since the league is in preseason right now. Pay is . . . not huge, and you're fighting an uphill battle to get press coverage.

    The turnover with these is insane; I think Kansas City is on its third or fourth different press contact in four seasons.

    That said . . . . doesn't hurt to throw in, if you love soccer and are looking for an escape hatch from newspapers.
  5. PaperDoll

    PaperDoll Well-Known Member

    The Red Bulls lost one of their PR guys to an NHL team in the middle of last season. They'd had three working with the English-language press in past years. His departure brought them down to one.

    They brought in a different NHL guy to handle big-picture stuff, working with non-traditional media outlets like when the players posed with Gisele in... Vogue? I think he came in with a couple of weeks left in the regular season.

    I thought they started trying to fill the other spot during the offseason. In fact, I'd heard they had interviewed people months ago. I'm not sure whether this is the same position, or if someone else left.
  6. pmartin25

    pmartin25 Guest

    Apparently they are adding another person to the staff to bring the English-language contacts back up to three.

    They renamed the postion to coordinator so they will have a Vice President, Manager, and Coordinator of Communications instead of the VP, director, and manager they had in the past
  7. playthrough

    playthrough Moderator Staff Member

    And always nice to see a soccer team looking for a "goal-oriented person."

  8. eek!gannett!

    eek!gannett! Guest

    your job might fold with the league in a few years, good thing you'd have wiiiiings.
  9. GB-Hack

    GB-Hack Active Member

    Yes, MLS is constantly on the verge of foldling.....
  10. eek!gannett!

    eek!gannett! Guest

    does mls have anything to do with the new women's league, wps?
  11. GB-Hack

    GB-Hack Active Member

    Yes, and they're following a similar model with a salary cap and maximum and minimum salaries. They don't want to be throwing money around that the league can't sustain, which was one of the major problems WUSA faced.

    In addition, Initially three of the seven teams, Los Angeles, Dallas and Chicago, will be using their MLS counterparts stadiums, while the D.C. franchise is hoping to work with D.C. United to possibly stage women's/men's doubleheaders, and New Jersey, while starting at Rutgers, could move into the Red Bulls facility when it gets completed.
  12. eek!gannett!

    eek!gannett! Guest

    huge undertaking though that requires a lot of cash. itd be a shame if the attempt to develop the women's league led to the downfall of the men's. but at least its not a wnba sort of situation where all the teams where the same colors as the mens team and have similar logos so they dont have to change much on the courts.
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