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Breaking Bad

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by Italian_Stallion, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Italian_Stallion

    Italian_Stallion Active Member

    I saw an AMC teaser for their original series, Breaking Bad. It sounded quirky, so I gave it a shot. I'm absolutely loving it so far. Anyone else watching? I think there have been three episodes, and you can probably catch reruns to catch up.
  2. Big Buckin' agate_monkey

    Big Buckin' agate_monkey Active Member

    Re: Breaking Bag

    Breaking wind?
  3. Italian_Stallion

    Italian_Stallion Active Member

    That's what I get for typing with my laptop on my stomach. Note that I've changed the thread title from Breaking Bag to Breaking Bad.
  4. Trouser_Buddah

    Trouser_Buddah Active Member

    I thought this was about the next breakdancing movie...
  5. ArnoldBabar

    ArnoldBabar Active Member

    I like this series a lot, though it's less funny and more morbid than I expected. The final scene in last week's episode was a stunner.
  6. Italian_Stallion

    Italian_Stallion Active Member

    i'm 20 minutes from that scene right now. The bath tub scene from the second episode was alarming.
  7. Buck

    Buck Well-Known Member

    'Break like the Wind'
  8. TheSportsPredictor

    TheSportsPredictor Well-Known Member

    Got 'em DVRed, just been looking for a time to watch 'em. Everything I've heard so far is good.
  9. Alma

    Alma Well-Known Member

    Honestly, the show makes me a little sick to my stomach. The subject matter, the camerawork, the performances...the series is practically a paranoid thriller.

    Between this and Mad Men, AMC got some interesting stuff in the stew. I don't personally care for Mad Men - too odd and antiseptic for me - but it's a quality production.
  10. Piotr Rasputin

    Piotr Rasputin New Member

    Really enjoy this show.

    Loved the scene when the kid's mistake with the acid was made clear. I have high hopes it won't go to the obvious cliche, and have Our Hero end up a meth addict.

    Anyone interested should have no trouble catching reruns. AMC is really pushing this show.
  11. Precious Roy

    Precious Roy Active Member

    The wife and I see this series as the Weeds of meth, which if it turns that direction will make this a must-see. Of course, this series will have to be MUCH darker than Weeds, just due to the subject. I'm waiting to catch all the episodes again.
  12. BYH

    BYH Active Member

    Is this the one with the Malcolm in the Middle dad playing a dying chemistry teacher? It looked really good and I think I will subscribe to its newsletter. I mean, watch the reruns.
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