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BMW commercial: Freakiest thing ever

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by BYH, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. BYH

    BYH Active Member

    Does anyone else want to reach thru the TV and strangle those kids as they open up the Xmas gift?

    YES! YES! YES! They scream. OK that's great.

    Then the boy alternates pumping his fist in the air, like it's 1987 and he's at a Bon Jovi show singing along with Raise Your Hands, and looking back at the box and screaming like a fucking loon as the girl screams with a zombie-like look on her face. It's friggin creepy.

    What this has to do with selling cars, I have no idea. It just reminds me that if I acted like such a spaz upon opening a gift at Xmas, my dad would have yanked it from me and returned it.
  2. e4

    e4 Member

    man, i love that commercial.
  3. spnited

    spnited Active Member

    I wanna kill both of those little brats!
  4. ifilus

    ifilus Well-Known Member

    Never realized it was for BMW.
  5. carrie

    carrie Active Member

    Sorry - that PS3 commercial with the baby is the freakiest thing ever.
  6. HoopsMcCann

    HoopsMcCann Active Member

    i'm with carrie

    although, what also gets me is the ps3 and wii commercials -- who are you advertising for? seriously, both are beyond sold out. why do you need to advertise?
  7. Chef

    Chef Active Member


    First time I saw it, thought it was a trailer for "Saw IV".
  8. suburbanite

    suburbanite Active Member

    I think it's more like he's at a Night Ranger concert.
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