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BASW 2008 submissions

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by Glenn Stout, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. Glenn Stout

    Glenn Stout Member

    The deadline to submit stories for consideration for The Best American Sports Writing 2008, to be guest edited by William Nack, is February 1, 2008. As series editor I encourage everyone to submit any story or stories you think are worthy of inclusion, including those of your friends and colleagues. Writers, readers, and all other interested parties should feel free to alert me to either your own work or that of someone else according to the following criteria:

    Each story

    -Must be column length or longer.
    -Must have been published in 2007.
    -Must not be a reprint or book excerpt.
    -Must be published in the United States or Canada.
    -Must be received by February 1, 2008.

    All submissions must include the name of the author, date of publication, publication name and address. Photocopies, tear-sheets or clean copies are fine. Readable reductions to 8 ½ x 11 are preferred. Submissions from on-line publications must be made in hard copy, and those who submit stories from newspapers should submit the story in hard copy as published. Since newsprint generally suffers in transit, newspaper stories are best copied and then mounted on 8 ½ x 11 paper, and, if the story also appeared on-line, with the appropriate URL attached. There is no limit to the number of submissions either an individual or a publication may make, but please use common sense. Due to the volume of material I receive, no submission can be returned or acknowledged. I also believe it is inappropriate for me to comment on or critique any individual submission. Publications other than newspapers that want to be absolutely certain their contributions are considered are advised to provide a complimentary subscription to the address listed below. Those that already do so should make sure to extend the subscription.

    No electronic submissions will be accepted by e-mail, although stories that only appeared on-line are eligible. Please send all submissions by U.S. Mail – weather conditions in midwinter mean I often can't receive UPS or Fed Ex submissions. Please try to hit the deadline. Each year I receive dozens of stories too late to be considered, and dozens more that do not identify the source or author. In the event a story is selected for publication, your publication will be contacted concerning rights and permissions.

    Please submit either an original or clear paper copy of each story, with the publication name, author and date the story appeared, to:

    Glenn Stout
    P.O. Box 549
    Alburgh, VT 05440

    These instructions and further information about BASW can be found in the foreword of recent editions of BASW and at glennstout.net.

    FOUR FAQ's:

    1) "Why do newspaper submissions have to be made in hard copy from newsprint?"

    I don't fully understand myself (nor do I agree) but the publisher's production department demands it, so in the event a story is selected, it is far easier to have it in hand than try to track it down months and months after publication. So please do your best. If you absolutely positively can't make a copy from the newsprint, send the print out, but there are no guarantees and be prepared to provide the hard copy if necessary.

    2) "Why can't I just e-mail you a link and/or a story?"

    I already receive hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of submissions by mail - sometimes dozens by the same source. If I accepted e-mail submissions I suspect there are writers and publications that would send me everything and it would turn an already daunting task into an overwhelming one. Fifty pieces of mail a day I can handle, hundreds of links/urls/pdfs, all that would have to be printed out, I can't.

    3) "Is the deadline really February 1?"

    Yes. Always has been, always will be. Book production schedules are as tight as those of newspapers and magazines. If you have not submitted by then, please don't.

    4) "What do you mean Fed Ex and UPS won't deliver to you in mid-winter?

    You haven't seen my driveway. And from November to April, I usually don't either.

    Other questions/comments? E-mail me at basweditor@yahoo.com. Hundreds of letters to magazine and newspaper editors requesting submissions are also being sent out today.

    Thanks to all,

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