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ASE Pensacola (Fla.) News Journal

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by GeorgeMoore, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. OrangeGrad

    OrangeGrad Member

  2. GeorgeMoore

    GeorgeMoore Member

    Still searching for the right person. If interested, e-mail me asap. We also have an opening on our desk as a paginator/copy editor.

  3. GeorgeMoore

    GeorgeMoore Member

    OK, I've decided to wait and hire my ASE after the first of the year to give candidates more opportunity to apply. We we're in the process of filling two desk spots. If you're interested in the ASE job, e-mail me.
  4. GeorgeMoore

    GeorgeMoore Member

    We've hired a new copy editor who starts Jan. 10. Still have ASE opening and I get another copy editor, which I probably will fill first. If you're interested in either, let me know. For those of you who have e-mailed, I still have your stuff and you're being considered. I'm just not going to rush into filling these spots because we've been short this long -- might as well find the right person and not force anything. Any questions, drop me an e-mail.

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