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AP Afghanistan: Kabul bureau

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by Blitz, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. Blitz

    Blitz Active Member

    10057182 -- Newsperson

    The Associated Press seeks a reporter/writer/editor for its Kabul, Afghanistan bureau.

    The staffer reports to the Kabul chief of bureau to pursue breaking news and provide insight into the complex and multifaceted story of Afghanistan and the ongoing conflict there. The staffer will live and work at AP’s bureau in Afghanistan. The successful applicant will at times be called upon to work as an editor in the bureau and at times as a reporter in the field, including military embeds. The staffer must be prepared for long hours under arduous physical conditions, showing a high ability to function as a member of a team, assisting colleagues as required. The staffer must also have strong organizational skills, flexibility and the knowledge to tackle the political, military, economic and social issues surrounding the Afghan war, with the writing skills to explain them to readers around the world with clarity and precision.


    Candidates should have demonstrated excellence as an editor and writer. Experience in conflict areas and familiarity with military matters are a plus. Applicants should have a demonstrated aggressiveness in breaking news and success in collaborating and communicating with various levels of staff, formats and customers. The candidate should also have a demonstrated ability to analyze and explain complex events.

    Applicants must be able to recognize and develop newsworthy stories of global and regional interest, and work accurately under deadline pressure and in close quarters with colleagues. Applicants need to understand the growing importance of multimedia news and be able to coordinate with AP staffers from other formats. The candidate should have at least two years of full-time reporting or editing experience. Advanced-level professional competency in written and spoken English language is required and knowledge of Pashtu, Urdu or Dari is helpful, as is academic expertise in the region and/or prior professional experience in Afghanistan, Pakistan or India.

    The successful candidate must be able to meet the challenging physical demands associated with the rigors of working in a combat zone and in a country where sanitary conditions, hygiene and medical assistance often fall short of the highest standards.
  2. dkphxf

    dkphxf Member

    In case any sportswriters want to get away from it?
  3. No, they will not consider a recent college grad.

    But I know of a dotted line you can sign on to get there anyway.
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