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Anyone use NHL Gamecenter Live?

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by TheHacker, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. TheHacker

    TheHacker Member

    I'm thinking of subscribing to NHL Gamecenter Live for this season, streaming it to my TV via my PlayStation 3, and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with it?

    I did a free trial of MLB.TV over the summer and was really impressed with it, and I'm hoping the NHL online product is as good. I haven't been able to find what the pricing of the NHL package is for this season, but from what I could find from last year, Gamecenter Live is just about the same cost as the TV package, NHL Center Ice.

    I've been a Center Ice subscriber for a few years, but I switched from DirecTV to Verizon Fios TV earlier this year (there was a good bundle deal) and I've been disappointed with Verizon's lack of HD sports content. On DirecTV, the Center Ice and MLB Extra Innings games were all in HD. Verizon gives you two games a night in HD. There's no way I can watch hockey in standard def. It looks like crap. And the baseball wasn't much better.

    So if you've streamed the Gamecenter Live package to your TV, I'm interested to know how well it works and whether it looks good. Thanks.
  2. Elliotte Friedman

    Elliotte Friedman Moderator Staff Member

    It is excellent, with one exception. It only affects me when I travel to the US, but there are nights that VERSUS has exclusivity on TV. On those occasions, the games were blacked out.

    Just double-check what the situation is this season. Otherwise, it is an excellent app. Not only the game coverage, but the statistics and archived classics are tremendous.
  3. Stitch

    Stitch Active Member

    I used a Roku to watch NHL Gamecenter last year instead of subscribing to Center Ice. If you watched MLB.tv through your PS3 this season, the quality is similar. It's not as good as watching a regular HD feed on cable or satellite, but better than an SD feed.
  4. TheHacker

    TheHacker Member

    That's how I felt about the MLB.TV that I tried out over the summer. Not quite as good as a full-on HD feed, but very watchable, and way better than the fuzzy standard def. Did you have any issues with buffering, or was the feed pretty smooth?

    The MLB.TV worked really well. For anyone thinking about it, it's worth it. Unless Verizon gets its act together and gets HD feeds, I'm pretty well determined to use the online packages from now on. And in the case of MLB, it's significantly cheaper that way. Not sure why the NHL online package is as expensive as it is.
  5. Stitch

    Stitch Active Member

    I haven't had problems with NHL Gamecenter for two years. It works well for me, especially on my laptop.
  6. Simon

    Simon Active Member

    If anyone wants to share a login, let me know.
  7. Madhavok

    Madhavok Well-Known Member

    Bumping this up. My roommate and I are thinking about going in on this. Question: can we share a login and have it on two 360s and simultaneous streaming of two different games?
  8. Yes. My brother and I do this. Don't tell anyone.
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