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An exercise in self-reflection through the Super Bowl

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by Barsuk, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. Barsuk

    Barsuk Active Member

    Just sitting around thinking about where I'm going to watch the Super Bowl, and I thought it would be interesting to chart where I've watched it each year since I can remember. Without going into too much boring detail, here's my list:

    XIX: At my uncle's house. I was pulling for Marino, so I was bummed.
    XX: At home. I pulled for the Bears, because I liked the Super Bowl Shuffle. What can I say, I was 7.
    XXI: Don't remember. Probably at home, because you don't go to many Super Bowl parties when you're 8.
    XXII: My first real Super Bowl party, it was at our house. We had one of those grids where you buy a square and somebody wins money at the end of each quarter. I was about to win until Timmy Smith broke off a long TD run and stole my money. Punk.
    XXIII: My friend Nate's house. Hated the Niners and loved the Icky Shuffle, so I was disappointed again.
    XXIV: Home. Pulling for Denver because of aforementioned Niner-hating and my dad's affinity for the Broncos. The ass-kicking was swift.
    XXV: Went with my friend Nate to a Super Bowl party his mom was going to. Won my first Super Bowl bet when I took the Giants straight up and Scott Norwood bailed me out.
    XXVI: Grand Lake O' The Cherokees in Oklahoma. Can't remember why the hell we were there in January, but we were. I listened to the first few minutes of the game while fishing, then went up to the cabin to watch the rest.
    XXVII: At home in pure bliss. I grew up a Cowboys fan, and this was my first experience of having "my team" win it all.
    XXVIII: Oddly, I don't remember. Perhaps the bliss of back-to-back titles was too much for me.
    XXIX: Hmmm...I think this was the year my friend Nate and I were fishing and Nate fell and got this huge fucking thorn jabbed through his wrist. It was awful. The game was kind of boring by comparison.
    XXX: At this girl Monica's house. Pretty sure I was the only person there rooting for the Cowboys. It's hard to believe now that I loved them so much.
    XXXI: The only Super Bowl I ever watched at a church. I'm pretty sure that record will stand. But, hey, it was on a big-ass projection screen, so that was pretty cool.
    XXXII: Party at a co-worker's house. The last time I got drunk for the Super Bowl. I barely remember the ending.
    XXXIII: Barely watched this one. Blah.
    XXXIV: At my old boss's house. He was a hardcore Rams fan, and we were hanging on every moment.
    XXXV: At my friends Brian and Scott's apartment. Such a boring game.
    XXXVI: At Brian and Scott's new apartment. Eff you Adam Vinatieri.
    XXXVII: We were driving back from the Big 12 basketball tournament in Dallas, so we listened to most of it on the radio. Got home just in time to see the last couple minutes.
    XXVIII: At the in-laws' house in the comfort of nice, cushy Lazyboy.
    XXIX: At my sister's house with a baby and two obnoxious toddlers whose mother shot the wife and I glares every time we slipped up and blurted profanity. Sorry, lady, I'm watching football; shoulda left your kids with a babysitter.
    XL: My house, just me and the wife.
    XLI: My house, small party, lots of good food.
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